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Meb Monday

For anyone who lives in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Roxboro, Wilmington, Southern Pines, or any other part of North Carolina, area, please note that Monday is Meb Monday. Meb Keflezighi, winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, will be at Runologie, to promote the 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half Marathon as well as to lead a fun run through the city. And I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest thing to happen to our running community since… well I don’t know when.

The event is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm but it’s probably a good idea to get to Runologie as soon as you can. For parking, you can park along the street after 5:00 pm or there is also the Powerhouse Parking Deck, located at 513 W Jones Street, in case you can’t find a spot. Meb is scheduled to give a talk around 6:00 pm and then he will start the group run. There will be several different pace groups, ranging from 8:00 min/mile to 12:00 min/mile and there will be two leaders with each group. After the run, there will be pizza from Trophy Brewing Company (which in case you didn’t know, was voted best pizza in NC) and beer from State of Beer. And of course, the store will be open for you to purchase all of your awesome Runologie gear. What better want to start the week?

This really is a huge event for both Raleigh and the running community. Meb is such an awesome person and we are so fortunate to have him coming to our store. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Raleigh, you really don’t want to miss this. I mean how often can you say that you’ve ran with the winner of the Boston Marathon?

Hope to see you on Monday!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

Meb is Coming to Runologie!!!

The running world is full of inspiring, motivational, and loving people. Runners have such a positive vibe and we are all moved by one another. However, there is one runner in particular who holds a special place in all of our hearts and that runner is Meb Keflezighi. Winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon and 2009 New York Marathon, 4th place finisher at the 2012 Olympics, and silver medalist in the 2004 Olympics… Meb is not only a phenomenal runner but he is also an incredible human being. And guess what!?!?!? He’s coming to Runologie!!!

On January 26th, Meb Keflezighi will be in Raleigh, NC to promote the Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh marathon. We, Runologie, are the fortunate people who get to have Meb at our store, leading a group run through downtown. When I first heard this may be a possibility, it was almost impossible to contain my excitement. If you’ve ever watched Meb at any race or in any interview, you would know that he is not only one really fast runner, but he is also one of the most gracious, humble, and kindest individuals out there.  And if you saw him win the 2014 Boston Marathon, you may have shed a tear or two as he embraced his wife right after crossing the finish line in a personal best time of 2:08:37. (I did, at least.)

For me, Meb is not only an incredible runner, but he is also a personal inspiration. Back in 2008, Meb suffered from a fractured hip and it was doubtful that he would ever run again. He could barely walk, let alone run, and there were times he couldn’t even roll over in bed. Just18 months later, he came back to win the New York City Marathon, and that is an incredible feat for a runner with a fractured hip.

There were times after my hip surgery, when I questioned whether or not I would ever be able to run again. When you’ve got screws and a rod holding your hip together, it’s hard to even think about getting back out on the road. Then there were those first runs, when it was painful, slow, and almost impossible. Once or twice I even considered giving up running altogether. But then there was Meb. A runner who had suffered a similar injury. A runner who despite the odds, came back to exceed everyone’s expectations. And a runner who won the same race that lead to my most devastating injury. For me, Meb offered motivation when I needed it most. I’m just an average runner trying  to do my running thing. Meb is an Olympian who had way bigger hurdles to cross. There were times during those first few runs when I really struggled, but then I summoned my inner Meb and kept going. And now, in just two weeks, I get to meet him!!

If you’re in the Raleigh area, come out and join us for the group run. Meb will be here on January 26th at 6:00pm and after the run, we will have pizza and beer from Trophy. Check out the Facebook event page here and RSVP if you’ll be joining us. It’s going to be a GREAT time!!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

Weekend Long Run Motivation

I love Meb Keflezighi. Mainly for his relentless drive to always do his best and be the best. Before my speed workout on Tuesday, I watched this video. It brought a smile to my face. The best part – when Meb recounts how his running talent was discovered. His middle school PE teacher said in order to get an A, you have to run really fast. So what did Meb do? Run a 5:20 mile. He came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back and has turned into an inspirational marathon legend. Meb makes me work harder. Read more

Rest Days and the Elites

My coach has me on a 6 day a week running plan. This is a little more than I am use to running but I’m happy to do it as long as I don’t get injured. I think that if I go easy when I should go easy and go hard when I should go hard, I’ll be just fine. But I’m still doing my yoga poses every morning to be on the safe side.

Yesterday after my 10 miler, I decided I was really looking forward to my rest day today. We were having brunch for my dad’s birthday so it was a perfect day to take it easy. However, as in typical Tracie fashion, before I went to bed last night I set the alarm clock for 7 am (which is the latest I ever sleep in) and planned out my strength training session. Mario’s reaction when I woke him up this morning to go to the gym: “Geez Tracie, do you ever take a rest day?”. Ummm, not if I can help it.  Read more

Lolo and Meb: A Change of Pace

When I first started running marathons back in 2005, I remember thinking after my second marathon, I was going to take a break from running to do something different. I was going to get back into dancing. I took dance my entire life until I graduated high school and sometimes I miss it. Well I never ended up taking my dance classes and the only dancing I really did was Thursday night salsa dancing. Up until this past Saturday, I was having the same thoughts. I should do something different after the marathon. Well as most races do, Sunday got me excited to start running again. Monday I’m meeting with my coach and I’m more than excited. It doesn’t look like dance classes are in my future. Read more

Meb’s Marathon Reflection

Today has been a little hectic and I haven’t had the time to put into my blog entry that I would like. Between getting ready for company this week and buying a car, we’ve had little down time. However, during the 4+ hours we spent at the car dealership, I was able to read Meb’s marathon reflection from the Olympics. It is a great read and makes me respect him even more. Read more

Run to Overcome

Meb Keflezighi:

Running is like life. You start at the same place with your fellow runners.  You all finish at the same place. How you do is largely up to you. If you win, you congratulate your team and yourself. If you lose, you evaluate how to improve.  You can’t make excuses like “He didn’t pass me the ball” or “The coach didn’t put me in.”  It’s on you. That’s the beauty of the sport. 

December of 2010 my cousin Dan waited who knows how long, to get me a signed copy of Meb’s book, Run to Overcome.  I read it in a day. Meb’s story fascinated me and inspired me.  And after his amazing finish on Sunday, I am reminded of why I admire him as a human being and as an athlete.  Meb has suffered.  He has gone through very difficult times, overcome many hardships, but has continued to have that awesome smile on his face.  He is strong, hard working, genuine, and above all, an incredibly positive person. When Meb was 6 years old, his father left Eritrea and walked 225 miles to Sudan’s border in order to provide a better life for his family.  Meb possesses that same love and determination.

The book is a reminder to us all that life is what we put into it, love is selfless, and staying positive in the face of adversity will carry us to the next day.  Read the book if you get a chance. Meb is a true inspiration.

Then you should watch this Citi commercial.  Meb’s WHOO at the end makes me smile every time I see it.




Thanks to Dan for my signed copy!

Happy Trails and Happy Running !


Kenyans and the Simplicity of Running

First and foremost, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Meb Keflezighi on his amazing 4th place finish in today’s marathon.  I have to be honest – I had all but counted him out halfway through the race.  He seemed so far back, and I thought it was highly unlikely he would be able to catch up to the other runners.  But as with the marathon, anything can happen.  One by one, he picked off the other runners and went from 20th to 4th.  What an amazing way to complete his last Olympics. And my heart goes out to Ryan Hall and Abdi Abdirahman.  Some races just don’t turn out the way we hope.

Now to the Kenyans…

Although a Kenyan did not take gold today, one can not deny their unbelievably amazing running talents.  There are many reasons we believe contribute to their dominance of the long distance running field.  Altitude, diet, their need to escape poverty, running from an early age, etc.  John Burnett from NPR spent a few days last month eating like the Kenyans and his article makes a point well worth noting: the Kenyans eat simple. No special drinks, no special bars, no protein powders, and no supplements.

“It’s just normal Kenyan food — vegetables, spaghetti, ugali,” said Wilson Kipsang, captain of the Kenyan marathon team… They eat food eaten by ordinary Kenyans. You wouldn’t expect an Olympian to eat what they eat. The cook is not a sports dietician, just a woman from the village,” he said, chuckling.

On top of their typical Kenyan food, their approach to fluid intake is also a little different.

Hundreds of aspiring athletes — and a few world record holders — ran past us with efficient, relaxed strides in their daily 30- to 40-kilometer course along the rust-colored paths surrounding Iten. Not one of them carried a water bottle.

No special drinks. No special food. And they continue to dominate.  I’m the first to admit I’m always looking for foods or drinks that may give me that extra boost.  I mean I actually consumed an entire bottle of beet juice the day before a race because I thought it would improve my performance.  But Burnett’s article has encouraged me to reflect a little more on the sport.  Running, for as complex as we can make it, is still a simple sport.  There is no replacement for the miles of training.  There is no magic food… well maybe chia seeds 🙂 Simple, clean nutrition is what your body needs.  Even Meb says in this article that he has no specific nutrition plan – just a clean diet and to have pasta the night before a race.

Tomorrow marks 12 weeks until my next race.  I’ve been running all summer injury free and have been able to put in more miles per week than normal.  I’m focusing more on finding joy in the sport.  Take easy days, push hard, rest, eat, and pay attention to my body.  Certainly I am no Kenyan but I appreciate their approach to the sport.

Happy Last Day of the Olympics!


Recovery Boots

This morning I was reading an article about Meb Keflezighi and his preparation for the Olympic marathon on Sunday.  He gave a brief  look into his training and how he addresses recovery.  One of the things he mentioned was recovery boots.  Recovery boots? That’s a new one for me so it immediately peaked my interest. What I imagined (some cool boots to go with my compression socks), was far from reality.  Recovery boots are intense and when I make millions, I might just buy a pair for $1200.

I found two brands that seem to be pretty popular: Recovery Pump and NormaTec.

Recovery Pump:

The Pump is an FDA approved, medical grade SIPC-Sequential, Intermittent, Pneumatic, Compression device with 4-chambered sleeves that inflation sequential from the toes to the base of the buttock. Device used for recovery in maximal, endurance sports. The Boots massage the muscles to improve circulation during use and help reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue, all while you rest and relax.

The brand used my Meb Keflezighi and Ryan Hall is NormaTec.  They are quite a bit more expensive – $1650 for us normal athletes and you have to call if you want info on ordering the elite system. Their website has a detailed science section and testimonial section.  Some other athletes using the NormaTec boots are Chrissie Wellington, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Levi Leipheimer, Craig Alexander, and Steve Nash. Heck, even Mark Wahlberg has a pair of the NormaTec boots.

Why are these boots good for the athlete?  The boots increase circulation and venous blood flow, reduces swelling, and massages all of the muscles in your lower extremities (thighs, calves, ankles, feet).  In addition, before a workout, the boots can be used to energize your muscles.

Right now I’m sticking to my compression socks (mainly because I clearly can not afford $1200+ for a pair of recovery boots).  BUT I am keeping them in mind so one day in the very distant future, I might just buy a pair.

Doesn’t this look fun? I wonder if they will have a booth at the expo of my next race…

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Paula Radcliffe

Ever since I read that Desiree Davila and Meb Keflezighi were suffering from injuries and were questionable about running the marathon, I’ve been checking the news every morning for an update.  So far it seems both runners are still planning to run, although they have a few more days to make a decision.  Davila has been struggling with a hip flexor tendon injury and Keflezighi strained a muscle during the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon back in June.

My heart was very sad this morning when I read that Paula Radcliffe would be dropping out of the August 5th race due to a foot injury.  She is considered by many to be the greatest female distance runner and holds the world record for the marathon with a time of 2:15:25.

Paula Radcliffe:

“I have been through the mill emotionally and physically the past three weeks, cried more tears than ever, vented more frustration and at the same time calmly tried every direction and avenue available to heal myself,” Radcliffe said in a statement. “As desperate as I was to be part of the amazing experience of the London Olympics, I don’t want to be there below my best.”

I remember watching the 2004 Olympics in Athens and when she dropped out, I cried with her.  How hard it must be to dedicate practically your entire adult life to something only to not have it work out the way you were hoping in the end.  But even if she never gets the Olympic finish she has worked so hard for, she still has quite a few accomplishments to her name.  Other than being the female world record holder in the marathon, she has won the London Marathon three times, the New York City Marathon twice, and the Chicago Marathon once.  In addition, she has won the Half Marathon World Championship three times and holds the world record in the 10,000 meters.  I can only imagine how hard of a decision this was for her, but I still admire her for all that she has accomplished.  She has had an amazing running career, and who knows that the future holds.  I wish her the best and hope that she finds peace with this decision.

One more week to go until the women’s marathon… I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Desiree and Meb!

Paula Radcliffe, Photo by Ed Costello, Wikimedia Commons

Happy Trails and Happy Running,