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My New Favorite Running Drill…

I’ve only been doing them for a few weeks, but my new favorite running drill is… strides! There is something about starting off at an easy jog then transitioning to a comfortable sprint, then slowing back down after 100 meters that feels really good to me. Maybe it’s because I’m really focused on good running form or the fact that they are so short, but I’m mad at myself for not incorporating them into my training any earlier. I always heard about them but I wasn’t quite sure how to properly execute them. Now every time I’m at the track, I want to do warm up and cool down strides 🙂 Read more

Mid Week Long Run

If there is one thing I am learning from my coach, it is that every run has its purpose. Regular runs are whatever comfortable pace I’m feeling for the day. Speed workouts are at the track and medium long runs are slower while being just a little longer. Knowing this has really helped me to adress each run differently but with the right mentality. If I thought every run would be the same effort level, I’d probably get bored pretty quickly. Read more

Inspiratory Muscle Training

Did you know that when you breathe, you only use a small percentage of your lung capacity? And did you also know that inspiratory muscle training, which is commonly used to treat people with asthma and COPD, is used by athletes to increase breathing power? Read more

A Quick Gym Workout

I’m a pretty big cardio fan. Intense, long, cardio efforts are right up my alley. And at the same time, I’m always trying to incorporate more weights into my workout. Tonight, I think I found the best and most efficient way to use the weight machines at the gym. Check it out… ( you’re welcome for the Saturday night entertainment).

Read more

Upper Body Strength

Saturday I got in an awesome 21 miler. The weather was great, my  mind was right, and the only downer was learning that the marathon course is even hillier than I originally thought. Let’s just say that while running along the course, there were several signs that warned of the many steep slopes ahead. After running through one tunnel, I turned right and just stopped. You want me to run up that? I couldn’t believe this course is being promoted as flatter than the previous course, but nevertheless, this is not a PR course. Instead it is like an obstacle course, or at least that is how I like to think about it. I guess every race is different. Read more

Single Leg Deadlifts

I have a muscle imbalance and I am very much aware of it.  While sidelined from my last running injury, my sports massage therapist pointed out how much stronger my left side is than my right side.  That includes my back muscles, my abs, quads, and calves.  I immediately started working to try and correct this problem.  Whatever exercise I could do to isolate the right and left side, I always did more on my right side. However, since I’ve been running so much lately, I have been neglecting these exercises and after my run yesterday, I can tell. Read more


Last week when I was reading how to best prepare for my upcoming hilly marathon, a couple of articles mentioned the importance of strong  hamstrings.  Over the past month I have been doing more to build strength in my hamstrings but I wanted to learn a little more about their role in running.  Here is what I learned… Read more

Interval Training – Embrace the Pain

I’ve been thinking all day about what exactly I was going to say about intervals for this blog post.  There is just so much to say, it’s practically impossible to cover it all.  From tabata intervals and mile repeats,  to Emil Zatopek’s unconventional approach to training.  Intervals make us faster and although they suck, they are oh so worth it.  For example, even though I’ve had a month off from running, Read more


Yesterday I received some really good feedback from fellow runners about the importance of squats.  Almost everyone said squats were an integral part of their workout and that they have been very effective in preventing injuries.  It was interesting to read about the many different types of squats people were doing: jump squats, one legged squats, bulgarian split squats, side squats, etc.  One of my G+ friends, Otto, reminded me of the importance of lunges as well.  After all, life is about variety, right?  So it only seems fair that we give this equally as important exercise a mention in the blogosphere today… Read more


Squats are one of those exercises I do when I get injured and then hit myself for not doing them as a preventive exercise beforehand.  I know I always need to do them, but fail to take the time.  This Saturday I woke up and got to enjoy the sun rising while doing a nice 5 mile run.  I’m still taking it easy because of my leg, and since we rescheduled our Saturday run club meeting, I went to the gym with Mario.  “Must strength train” I kept telling myself.  I did a lot of squats a lot of different ways and I’m still struggling to sit down.  However, today I went for a little run after the gym, and my form felt great.  I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the squats or my New Balance Minimus shoes, but it encouraged me to look into this exercise for today’s blog post. Read more