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Arm Swing

Last week I made the decision to take a ChiRunning class after seeing a few race photos.  It looked like my arms and shoulders were probably slowing me down instead helping me to run faster.  I learned many things during the class on Saturday, but the component that I am focusing the most on right now is arm swing. Arm swing is important and it can either help you or hurt you.  In some of my photos, I look like I’m ready to elbow you or do the chicken dance.  In other words, my elbows are going out and not back.  Perhaps one of the biggest lessons I learned on Saturday is to focus on on your elbows going straight back, not out, and not twisting.

Here is what Danny Dreyer has to say about arm swing:

“Having a relaxed and efficient armswing can have a huge effect on the smoothness of your gait which translates into increasing your economy of motion which will reduce the workload of your legs. When I talk about efficiency, it means that you can either run faster, or farther, or require less recovery time…with a lower perceived effort level during your runs. And,  you can feel all this with a more effective arm swing.”

Want to learn how to improve your arm swing?  Check out these tips here.  Just by focusing more on my elbows going back, I can already tell a little soreness in my body but my running feels a lot easier.  This was the best video I could find demonstrating the technique.

Check out all the different arms from the race a few weeks ago:


I’m in the back in the purple


A few crazier arms in this pic


I’m beginning to think that running form should be a class taught in PE.


Happy Trails and Happy Running,