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Running in Seattle

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on vacation.  I’m hanging out here in Seattle while Mario works and then we are driving to Walla Walla on Saturday.  Hooray!!! Although our hotel has an awesome fitness center, I prefer to run outdoors and see the city.  Plus, I’ve got to get in a 13 miler while we are here, and I really prefer not to do it on the treadmill.  So I decided to do a little research on some local places to run.  One of the favorite spots seems to be Myrtle Edwards Park.  Luckily it’s not too far from the hotel.  Maybe I can run to the park and then run the 1.25 mile path along Elliot Bay.

Some of the other parks and recommended jogging trails by the Seattle Parks and Rec were Alki Beach, Carkeek Park, Discovery Park, Green Lake, Lincoln Park, Woodland Park, Cowen Park, Seward Park, and Volunteer Park.  Unfortunately when I mapped out all of these other places to run, it involved a major highway.  Of course there are other ways to get there, but my inner compass isn’t so great.  I think I’ll stick to Myrtle Edwards Park.  And I’ll probably have to run it a few times to get in those 13 miles.  Oh well, at least the weather is nice!!

Oh NC, I am not missing your hot, humid days!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,