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A Run through Raleigh, NC

Today’s blog post is a little different than normal.  I mentioned on Friday that I would be writing a post for A Good Run, featuring some cool places in Raleigh, NC.  Well today is the day I get to show off my fabulous city.  Check it out here.  It was impossible to include all the people I am thankful for along the various stops.  But I do want the following people to know that I am extremely grateful to have you in my life: Mom, Dad, Toni, Mario, Heidi, my grandparents, all of my other family members, my Run Inspired. chicas, my favorite neighbors – Alysha, Geoff, Susan, Daryl, Amie, and Brian, the Diaz family, Sara, Amber, my restaurant club chicas, my students, my blogosphere friends, my Google+ friends,  and the list could go on forever.  Thank you all for keeping me motivated and  inspired.

Thank you to all the fabulous people in my life!!
And yes, I realize the letters aren’t exactly straight – I tried my best though!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


And make sure you go read the blog!!

Sun Salutations and the Africa Yoga Project

This past Saturday, we took our Run Inspired group to Franklin Street Yoga for a something a little different.  Sara was teaching a power yoga class and we thought it would be nice to complement our running with a little yoga.  Plus, there was the promise of Crunkleton afterwards.  Before Sara began class, she made an announcement that on Sunday morning, there would be a class of 108 sun salutations to benefit the Africa Yoga Project.  I’ve heard my friend Kelley mention sun salutations before but I had no idea people would do so many of them.  And I had recently seen pictures of the Africa Yoga Project at the new Lululemon in Southpoint, but I was still unfamiliar with what exactly it was.  So today I have two questions… Read more

Geoff Hollister – A Great Loss to the Running Community

“It’s not about how long you live, but how you contribute… It’s about doing your best, and doing the right thing.  It’s about recovering from your mistakes and not giving up.  It’s about the baton pass to a new generation.  It’s about the realization that you cannot go it alone. It takes a team.”

– Geoff Hollister

This week the running world lost a pioneer- a man who changed the running landscape and who helped to bring us Nike, the company that changed our running world forever.  Although I was not very familiar with Mr. Hollister, I have been simply inspired by learning about his work ethic, dedication, and determination to the sport of running and the community.  He preached a message of hard work and demanded nothing short excellence from his athletes. As stated in this article, he loved “grassroots running, thinking outside the box, and connecting with the youth running community.”  He was a genuine man who traveled across the country to sell shoes out of the trunk of his car because he believed so deeply in the product he was promoting.  Those who were closest to him say he taught others how to live, was able to talk to anyone for hours about anything, and encouraged us to remember a simpler time in running.  A time when people simply gave their hearts to run, jump, and throw.

This is certainly a hard time for Nike, the Hollister family, and the running community.  My heart goes out to all of those who are affected by this loss.  At the same time, I feel fortunate and proud to be part of community that attracts individuals such as Mr. Hollister.  Devoted, kind, encouraging, and a man who expected the best and who gave his best every single day. May he rest in peace.


Because if you do not quit, then you can not fail

Here’s to a Monday well lived.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,