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Your Brain Tells you to Stop, But…

This marathon training season started out fabulous and then hit quite a road block. I keep thinking about about the race when I did it three years ago and how much I hated it. I very clearly remember those hills, the rain, and the cold. And more importantly I remember those last 2 miles. Mario jumped in right around mile 24 to cheer me across the finish line. For some reason, I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore and started walking. Mario kept telling me that yes, I could do it but either it was the pouring rain, the 40 degrees, or my throbbing legs- I needed to walk for a minute (or two). I missed Boston Qualifying that year by 29 seconds.What if I had just kept running?

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Friday Pre Long Run Motivation

It’s Friday night and I’m spending my evening as I do most Friday nights – psyching myself up for an early morning, a long workout, a mental battle, and a few rough patches. I can remember now why I’m setting my alarm clock for 5am in the morning but by 8am, I’ll be questioning what the heck I’m doing. It always works like that and I always make it through (most of the time).

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Meb’s Marathon Reflection

Today has been a little hectic and I haven’t had the time to put into my blog entry that I would like. Between getting ready for company this week and buying a car, we’ve had little down time. However, during the 4+ hours we spent at the car dealership, I was able to read Meb’s marathon reflection from the Olympics. It is a great read and makes me respect him even more. Read more

A Little Inspiration

I was a little bummed out this weekend because I didn’t get to do my 15 miler.  However, I was okay with skipping it as long as it helped me stay off the injured list.  And it was also nice to do something a little different.  I slept in until 6am, enjoyed breakfast with Mario and then went to the gym for a really long workout – bike, run (I did get in a few miles), elliptical, weights.  Anyway, I needed a little motivation to keep my running spirits up.

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A few months ago I read The Power of Habit but Charles Duhigg.  It was an incredibly interesting book and gave me great insight into my habits, how to create new ones, and how to change bad ones.  For example, every time I randomly fall asleep (in a chair, sitting on the couch or anywhere really), the moment I wake up, I want something to eat.  I’m not hungry but I want something to eat.  My habit loop is:  sleep -> food -> feel satisfied. I mean what’s better than a power nap and a delicious scoop of almond butter? Read more


Last week I came across this video on highlighting the upcoming Paralympics. There is something profoundly moving about these athletes. Their character, drive, determination, and out right dedication is something I can only aspire to achieve.  Today when I was entertaining the idea of cutting my workout short, I reminded myself of this video. Zip it. No more lazy thoughts and no excuses I told myself.  I reminded myself of the end goal and kept at it. You can watch the video here.  It’s only 1:30 and these athletes deserve your attention. Read more

A Run through Raleigh, NC

Today’s blog post is a little different than normal.  I mentioned on Friday that I would be writing a post for A Good Run, featuring some cool places in Raleigh, NC.  Well today is the day I get to show off my fabulous city.  Check it out here.  It was impossible to include all the people I am thankful for along the various stops.  But I do want the following people to know that I am extremely grateful to have you in my life: Mom, Dad, Toni, Mario, Heidi, my grandparents, all of my other family members, my Run Inspired. chicas, my favorite neighbors – Alysha, Geoff, Susan, Daryl, Amie, and Brian, the Diaz family, Sara, Amber, my restaurant club chicas, my students, my blogosphere friends, my Google+ friends,  and the list could go on forever.  Thank you all for keeping me motivated and  inspired.

Thank you to all the fabulous people in my life!!
And yes, I realize the letters aren’t exactly straight – I tried my best though!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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Sun Salutations and the Africa Yoga Project

This past Saturday, we took our Run Inspired group to Franklin Street Yoga for a something a little different.  Sara was teaching a power yoga class and we thought it would be nice to complement our running with a little yoga.  Plus, there was the promise of Crunkleton afterwards.  Before Sara began class, she made an announcement that on Sunday morning, there would be a class of 108 sun salutations to benefit the Africa Yoga Project.  I’ve heard my friend Kelley mention sun salutations before but I had no idea people would do so many of them.  And I had recently seen pictures of the Africa Yoga Project at the new Lululemon in Southpoint, but I was still unfamiliar with what exactly it was.  So today I have two questions… Read more

National Running Day – A History (sort of)

Today is National Running Day.  This day comes once a year, on the first Wednesday of every June.  All day long on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ I’ve been reading a lot of post about this “holiday.”  (Sorry runners, but I don’t think presents are involved.)  Heck, even in my Run Inspired. facebook group I put up a post about National Running Day.  I proposed a challenge for all my Run Inspired. chicas to post a picture of what inspires them to be healthy, amazing runners.  (I’m still lacking a quite a few response so if you’re interested, pleassssse feel free to respond to the group or to my G+ page and let me know what motivates you.)  Anyway, back to #nationalrunningday… I had no idea this day was approaching until it was already here.  I think I remember something about it from last year, but I’m not quite sure.  Maybe I’m getting it confused with World Run Day which happens on the Sunday closest to November 8th.  I love the idea of having a day dedicated to doing the sport I love so much.  But I’m so curious…

When did National Running Day begin? And who started it?

One would think this is a simple question.  Go to the website, read the About section and call it a day.  Wrong.  There isn’t even a Wikipedia entry on National Running (or Run) Day.  Every place I looked told me fun ways to celebrate the day or nearby running socials happening tonight.  I found posts of people reflecting on why they were runners, their running journey, or their favorite running routes.  But nothing on the history of National Running Day.  I tweeted to @runnersworld, @pacepermile, @newbalance, @brooksrunning, and @greatist in hopes that they could tell me something.  I got nothing. If I had to guess, I would say the New York Road Runners started the day, but I could be completely wrong.  I say this because on the website, for more information you can email  I did send an email asking about the origins of National Running Day but haven’t yet received a response.  (Update: I have since learned that National Running Day was started in 2009 as a collaboration between these many organizations.)

Whoever started this day and whenever it was, I would like to say thank you!  Thank you for taking one day out of the other 365 to celebrate the sport we all love so much.  I love runners, running, bagels, energy gels, races, singlets, compression socks, arm warmers, Newtons, New Balance Minimus shoes, my G+ runners circle, my Run Inspired. girls, The Lore of Running, long runs, tempo runs, hill workouts, easy runs, my Garmin, Oakley sunglasses, Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, Lolo Jones, and anything else related to this sport.  So I think it’s important to take one day and celebrate the thing that brings so many people so much joy.  Happy National Running Day everyone!! And if you know when this day became a holiday or who started it, pleassssse let me know!  I hate not having an answer to my question of the day.

I thought I would share some things I found in the social media world relating to NRD:

From Josh Cox: Why he runs

From Katy Thomas on Twitter: An interesting Beetles and Jay-Z song

From Runner’s World: A silly video of the staff running in crazy outfits

From MissMotta on Twitter: A very cool picture after her run

And finally, my run from today.  It’s been about a month since my last good run due to a peroneal tendon injury.  I love how the elliptical and bike can keep me in shape.

Garmin Entry

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


And check out the beautiful sunrise this morning… I can’t wait for summer break when I can actually run during the morning!


Motivation has always been something that has interested me.  I can be motivated to wake up at 5am on a Saturday morning for a long run, but ask me to organize my closet and I’ll have to get back to you on that one.  The thought of organizing anything equals no motivation.  Recently on Twitter I have been searching for people who are tweeting about running and motivation.   Most of the tweets I find fall along the lines of saying: “Need to go running, but lack motivation,” or “Not feeling motivated. Send me motivation”

This brings me to today’s question:

What gets people motivated and how can they stay motivated?

Motivation can be defined as “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”  Right now it’s 10:24pm and I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish this blog post in order to not fail on my pledge, and I’ll be darned if I miss a post.  I’m motivated to make this happen.  Why?

Motivation is linked to certain brain functions.  Your brain learns to associate certain actions with certain rewards.  For example, a hard workout equals a glass of wine.  The wine is my reward and I enjoy it.  The reward provides me with natural reinforcement for future motivation.  Therefore, I become motivated to do the workout because I know the reward is soon to follow.

In order to stay motivated, you have to keep your eye on the prize.  Rewarding yourself along the way,  (such as with a glass of wine), will keep your motivation high and your focus sharp.  It is also important that you enjoy what you are doing.  Running outside is something I enjoy A LOT.  However, if someone told me I had to run on the dreadmill everyday, I’d lose some of my motivation.  I do not enjoy it.  Surrounding yourself with inspiration and your motto will also help to keep you focused.  I have a running inspiration board that I see every morning and it reminds me of what my end goal is.  In Boston, I had my motto written on my arm and it kept me going (up until mile 13.5).  You have to constantly remind yourself of what you are working so hard for.  Surround yourself with like minded people.  Discuss your goals with other people.  They will hold you accountable.  And finally, when you find yourself getting in a slump, immediately nip it in the bud.  Because as soon as you miss a week of working out, it becomes a slippery slope.

I’m always on the search for new motivation and I find a lot on YouTube and Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorite motivational videos and pictures:

So stay focused.  Reward yourself often. And surround yourself with inspiration.  It will get you out the door for those early morning runs and keep  you working for whatever your end goal may be.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


And on a side note, I want to send my deepest sympathies to my best friends Emily and Tyler.  They unexpectedly lost their beloved dog Beans this morning and it has been a very tough day.  Beans was an amazing animal and I will miss her dearly.  Pets really can become like our own children.