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Although I know a little something about yoga, I certainly don’t know anything compared to my friends Sara and Kelley. I like to do a few yoga poses at night and in the morning after my meditation (still going strong on my 30 day challenge), but that’s about it. There was a point in time when I did Bikram Hot Yoga every Wednesday and I loved it. Unfortunately, it was just such a time commitment that I gave it up after about 6 months. I’d rather be running 🙂  Read more

Sun Salutations and the Africa Yoga Project

This past Saturday, we took our Run Inspired group to Franklin Street Yoga for a something a little different.  Sara was teaching a power yoga class and we thought it would be nice to complement our running with a little yoga.  Plus, there was the promise of Crunkleton afterwards.  Before Sara began class, she made an announcement that on Sunday morning, there would be a class of 108 sun salutations to benefit the Africa Yoga Project.  I’ve heard my friend Kelley mention sun salutations before but I had no idea people would do so many of them.  And I had recently seen pictures of the Africa Yoga Project at the new Lululemon in Southpoint, but I was still unfamiliar with what exactly it was.  So today I have two questions… Read more