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The fall is almost here and I can not wait! Frankly, I am just tired of running in heat and humidity. Granted, today wasn’t as bad as last Saturday and thankfully it was cloudy.  However, when I come home and weigh my clothes after a run and the scale says 2.5 pounds, I know it’s been a rough run. In addition, I think the chafing is causing permanent scaring. Read more

Update: Heat Related Illnesses and Running

A friend of mine is also reading The Lore of Running and he offered some insight that is definitely worth adding to my post about heat related illnesses.

First, I want to emphasize that Noakes does not say muscle cramps and heat exhaustion do not occur.  Instead, science has not proven dehydration to be the cause.   Also, and I did not mention this is my previous post, but exercise related collapse is a very real thing, although different than heat exhaustion or heat syncope.   Read more

Heat Related Illnesses and Running

Please click here for an update to this post.

Question: What happens to your body when the heat gets to be too much?

When I first started to research this topic, I thought it was going to be fairly cut and dry.  Define the heat related illness, describe the symptoms, and discuss the treatment.  That is how it was going until I started to read Dr. Timothy Noakes and his much more scientific explanation of what happens to the body when running in the heat.  My world of heat cramps and heat exhaustion as I knew it, quickly got turned upside down.  Completely.  Read more

How to Run in the Heat

Yesterday I wrote about what exactly happens to your body when running in the heat.  Today my question is:

What is the best way to run in the heat?

Sometimes you can not avoid the hot summer temperatures, the blazing sun, or the humid day.  When faced with this not so fun situation, what do we as runners do?  This morning, I spent some time reading what Runner’s World, The Lore of Running, and other running websites had to say about running in the heat.  There was certainly a lot of information out there but there were some very common themes I kept reading about: hydration,  running during the coolest part of the day, taking measures to keep your body as cool as possible, and adjusting times/goals/distances. Read more

Day 1 – What Happens to your Body when Running in the Heat

Today starts my 365 day journey to runner enlightenment.  I think it’s only appropriate that I start this journey with what actually brought me to this point: my breakdown in Boston, all thanks to one hot ass day.  In an attempt to really understand what happened to my body and know how I can better deal with hot conditions next time, I am going to dedicate my first three entries to understanding how heat affects the body, knowing how to best run in the heat, and how to cope with heat related problems. Read more