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Leg Turnover

One thing that I have noticed with this increase in mileage is that my running form feels better. I don’t feel like my hips are going all over the place or that my arms are swinging unnecessarily or that my posture is bad. It just feels really good and I like to think this is how Caballo Blanco felt while running throughout Mexico. Like this is what we were born to do.

I was talking about this tonight with Mario. I’m trying to figure out what has changed and why my running feels like it’s now at a different level. Is it because I’m running a few more miles? Is it because I do running drills at the track? Or does it have something to do with improving my overall strength? Perhaps it is a combination of all of these things. After all, it takes more than just running to be a good runner. However, while reflecting on this tonight, I started thinking that maybe my track workouts are doing more than to just increase my speed. I really think they are helping to increase my leg turnover. Read more

Dancer Pose – My Favorite Yoga Pose

I do not take yoga classes that often but back when I did take a class once a week, my favorite pose was always dancer pose. I always found this to be such a beautiful pose. My version of dancer pose was never anywhere close to the lifelong yogi’s version, but I wasn’t too shabby at it. After my easy run today, I hit the gym for some general strength training and yoga of course. Dancer pose always helps me to feel balanced, focused, and stretched.  Read more

Lolo and Meb: A Change of Pace

When I first started running marathons back in 2005, I remember thinking after my second marathon, I was going to take a break from running to do something different. I was going to get back into dancing. I took dance my entire life until I graduated high school and sometimes I miss it. Well I never ended up taking my dance classes and the only dancing I really did was Thursday night salsa dancing. Up until this past Saturday, I was having the same thoughts. I should do something different after the marathon. Well as most races do, Sunday got me excited to start running again. Monday I’m meeting with my coach and I’m more than excited. It doesn’t look like dance classes are in my future. Read more

Running and Crossfit

If somehow you have missed the CrossFit train, you can read exactly what it is here.  I’ve never done a CrossFit class because I enjoy the quiet, alone time pounding the pavement offers me. 🙂 Whether I’m going easy, hard, in the heat, or in the rain, I seriously just love running. However I came across this articled titled “How I used CrossFit to Become a Better Runner.” Becoming a better runner is like a permanent goal Read more


The fall is almost here and I can not wait! Frankly, I am just tired of running in heat and humidity. Granted, today wasn’t as bad as last Saturday and thankfully it was cloudy.  However, when I come home and weigh my clothes after a run and the scale says 2.5 pounds, I know it’s been a rough run. In addition, I think the chafing is causing permanent scaring. Read more


Although I know a little something about yoga, I certainly don’t know anything compared to my friends Sara and Kelley. I like to do a few yoga poses at night and in the morning after my meditation (still going strong on my 30 day challenge), but that’s about it. There was a point in time when I did Bikram Hot Yoga every Wednesday and I loved it. Unfortunately, it was just such a time commitment that I gave it up after about 6 months. I’d rather be running 🙂  Read more

Single Leg Deadlifts

I have a muscle imbalance and I am very much aware of it.  While sidelined from my last running injury, my sports massage therapist pointed out how much stronger my left side is than my right side.  That includes my back muscles, my abs, quads, and calves.  I immediately started working to try and correct this problem.  Whatever exercise I could do to isolate the right and left side, I always did more on my right side. However, since I’ve been running so much lately, I have been neglecting these exercises and after my run yesterday, I can tell. Read more

Sun Salutations and the Africa Yoga Project

This past Saturday, we took our Run Inspired group to Franklin Street Yoga for a something a little different.  Sara was teaching a power yoga class and we thought it would be nice to complement our running with a little yoga.  Plus, there was the promise of Crunkleton afterwards.  Before Sara began class, she made an announcement that on Sunday morning, there would be a class of 108 sun salutations to benefit the Africa Yoga Project.  I’ve heard my friend Kelley mention sun salutations before but I had no idea people would do so many of them.  And I had recently seen pictures of the Africa Yoga Project at the new Lululemon in Southpoint, but I was still unfamiliar with what exactly it was.  So today I have two questions… Read more

Update: Heat Related Illnesses and Running

A friend of mine is also reading The Lore of Running and he offered some insight that is definitely worth adding to my post about heat related illnesses.

First, I want to emphasize that Noakes does not say muscle cramps and heat exhaustion do not occur.  Instead, science has not proven dehydration to be the cause.   Also, and I did not mention this is my previous post, but exercise related collapse is a very real thing, although different than heat exhaustion or heat syncope.   Read more

Heat Related Illnesses and Running

Please click here for an update to this post.

Question: What happens to your body when the heat gets to be too much?

When I first started to research this topic, I thought it was going to be fairly cut and dry.  Define the heat related illness, describe the symptoms, and discuss the treatment.  That is how it was going until I started to read Dr. Timothy Noakes and his much more scientific explanation of what happens to the body when running in the heat.  My world of heat cramps and heat exhaustion as I knew it, quickly got turned upside down.  Completely.  Read more