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My Ingenious (Running) Idea

This morning I had the most ingenious idea ever, at least in my opinion. I can’t believe it doesn’t already exist and if at least two other people thing it’s a great idea, I’m going to work to make it happen.  Maybe you’ll agree with me and maybe you won’t BUT I think the world needs an injured runners support group. 🙂

As I sat down to enjoy my overly caffeinated cup of coffee this morning and catch up on some reading, I noticed something. A lot of my fellow running blogger friends are suffering injuries as well. They are writing about trying to keep busy and not think about running. Or the mental anguish they are experiencing. They are writing about their suffering and they all seem to be alone in their suffering. But doesn’t misery love company? Wouldn’t it be helpful to gather all us injured runners together and share our experiences with one another? Couldn’t we learn from each other and help each other through the pain? I think so.

Here’s the thing… Injuries are a very real part of running. Unless you are one of the select few who can run all day, every day and never suffer a shin splint, you will probably come face to face with an injury sooner or later. The problem is runners have a very unique personality. When running, that part of their identity is taken away, they can go down a very depressing, downward spiral (at least I do). It’s hard to be an injured runner and if you don’t know how to deal with it, it can be exponentially harder. But there is an upside. Injuries rarely put an end to a person’s running career. Eventually things stop swelling, muscle knots loosen, and bones heal. Sometimes it may take a few weeks and sometimes it may take a year. Recovery only requires time, perspective, and a lot of patience. I believe a little advice, support and encouragement from other injured runners would make this process a whole lot easier.

I believe an injured runners support group would be beneficial for soooo many reasons. First, nobody likes suffering alone. Just knowing another runner is there who can understand what you’re going through, makes the injury seem a lot less painful. Second, I believe the best people to give advice on how to recover from an injury, are fellow runners. Other than my orthopedist who sent me to immediate surgery a few weeks ago, I’ve never had any luck with doctors and injury recovery. They didn’t understand how “rest” wasn’t what I needed to hear and they didn’t understand how my lower leg pain had nothing to do with lower leg faulty mechanics. It was only a symptom of my poorly aligned hips. Third, when runners can’t run, they get very anxious. Will all fitness be lost? What is the best way to cross train? How is this going to interfere with my training program? Runners who have had similar experiences, could share their advice. What worked for them and what didn’t, how to cross train for a marathon, how exactly to do pool running (this is something I’ve always wondered about), and what yoga routines helped with hip flexibility. In my mind, I think it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What do you think? Maybe I’m just thinking this way because I could use a support group right now. However, throughout my many injuries, I know I would have benefited from a little love and positivity from fellow injured runners. Social connections and positivity make the soul a little happier. Sometimes I think that’s just what the injured runner needs. 🙂

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

(Recovery Update: I put my last crutch away this morning and I’m walking on my own. I barely have a limp now and I once again, tied my own shoes this morning. Two weeks ago today I could barely stand up. Today is a very different story. I love the human body… it’s amazing!)

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  1. Lindsay #


    I think its a great idea. Everyone needs support in different times of their lives so why not injured runners!

    Believe it or not, there is a website that basically has any support group you can think of. They have a Sports Injuries group (but it does not look very active) and after quickly looking there was a post by an injured runner who posted a thread last month…

    May 16, 2014
    • Lindsay,

      Thank YOU for sharing this! I had no idea about this website and I will be doing a little investigating. And you are absolutely right… we all need support during different times in our lives. Having someone to share with and to learn from always helps. Thank you again and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

      May 17, 2014

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