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10 Things I’ve Learned while on Crutches for a Week

When life throws you a curve ball, a lot of things change. Routine gets interrupted, what you thought was so important you realize isn’t, and you find something within yourself you never knew you possessed. It reminds me of quote I heard once (unfortunately, I can’t remember from where), “People are the most creative when they have the least.” When you strip your life of all the inessentials, you gain a new perspective.

It’s been one week since I’ve been bounding about on crutches. The first few days were pretty miserable, but since then, I’ve mastered the art of opening doors, doing laundry, arm workouts while sitting, washing my hair with one hand, and how to even workout with a client while sitting on a bench. All in all, I’d say I’m pretty resourceful. But there are a few things that really stick out in my mind and I’d like the share them. Here is what 7 days on crutches has taught me:

1) Makeup isn’t really necessary. Before I would hate to go anywhere without makeup. Now that it is such a hassle, I don’t even bother with it. And guess what? I’m still me and Mario still loves me. Why do we spend so much time putting on makeup?

2) Sardines aren’t that bad. Believe it or not, sardines are a superfood. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and all sorts of goodness. Before two nights ago, I turned my nose up at sardines because they just seemed so gross. Two nights ago, with a little bit of lemon juice and a whole lot of mustard, I ate my first can of sardines. They still aren’t my favorite food, but in the name of recovery, I’ll eat them.

3) I can live without sugar. I love sugar, especially chocolate. However, I can not go to the grocery store right now so Mario is doing the shopping. And he isn’t buying chocolate. At first, I was pretty cranky about it but then I realized sugar is a toxin and may slow down the healing process. A few days without sugar and I’m still alive. Maybe I should try this more often.

4) Raw eggs make green smoothies fluffy. I’ve never consumed a raw egg until a few days ago. I tried it because eggs are such a nutrient dense food and are also one of those foods that can help speed up the recovery process. Sure, I could ask Mario to cook them but I wanted to try it raw in my smoothie. Turns out that it makes a smoothie very fluffy and doesn’t change the taste at all. Yum!

5) Bovine colostrum helps with healing. Now when my friend Regan first recommended this, I thought what you’re probably thinking. Gross! Then my friend Nikki agreed with her and they both swore it helped them to recover from surgery. After a little research, it seems a lot of people feel that way. I get mine in the mail today.

6) Crutches are not suppose to fit directly underneath your armpits. When I got my crutches on Monday, the nurse just gave them to me. I wasn’t aware there was a correct way to use crutches so I had them too tall with the handles too low. Luckily me neighbor Daryl was kind enough to show me how to properly use them and it has made the world of difference. What a relief it has been on my armpits!

7) Things don’t have to be done my way all the time. When you’re unable to cook for yourself, make up the bed, or clean the house your way, you realize it isn’t really a big deal if things are done another way. The same objective was achieved and it doesn’t really matter if it was done your way or someone else’s. Life goes on.

8) Working out is still possible, even if you can’t walk. It is very uncomfortable for me to be sedentary or stuck in a house all day. Every morning Mario puts my weights beside the ottoman and I get in a pretty decent arm workout. Today my goal is to get in 10,000 steps by walking up and down the hallway. I’ve already gotten in a little over 1,000 and will go for the next 1000 after i publish this post.

9) The little things in life are the most meaningful. It’s hard to appreciate how amazing a shower really is until you can’t take on on your own. Or how beautiful the outdoors are until you’ve been stuck inside for a day. Or even how wonderful sleep is until you can’t sleep because of the pain. I have a new found appreciate of all the things I never really took the time to be grateful for.

10) My husband is this best! Yes, I already knew this but this past week has reaffirmed this fact. And I have seen how he really can do it all, from a demanding job, to cooking, cleaning, and helping me with just about everything. I like to think of him as Super Mario. 🙂

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

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