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A Day in the Life of a Runner Who Can’t Walk

It never dawned on me just how awesome it is to be able to walk and get around on my own two feet. Since that has now been taken away from me, I can’t believe how much I didn’t appreciate it up until now. Walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs – these are all gifts not be taken advantage of. I miss walking. I miss being able to do things for myself.

But I won’t let that get me down! There is still so much to do with limited mobility and sharp shooting pain with every wrong move. After four days at home, I’ve developed a routine to be as productive as possible.  I’d like to share it with you…

It takes me about 5 minutes to get out of bed. I have to be careful with moving and twisting. One wrong move and the pain will keep me in bed for another five minutes. Then I hobble to the bathroom on my crutches, trying to be alert enough as to not face plant on the floor. (This is very scary when I have to go to the bathroom during the middle of the night.) Then I sit in the kitchen reading the news, checking email, and all the fun social media things. It keeps my mind off the pain for a little while.
Next, Mario joins me in the kitchen and is kind enough to make me breakfast, usually a green smoothie or eggs. One thing I’ve learned throughout this experience is you have to let go of having things done your way. When someone else is having to cook, clean, and take care of you, you’ll gladly drink a bitter tasting smoothie. You know it was made with love. After breakfast, it’s time for an arm workout with some upbeat music. I have mastered the art of shoulder presses, chest presses, and bicep curls while sitting on an ottoman. I’m still in the process of working on my ab routine. The cushiony surface makes it a little difficult, but I think I should have something by the end of next week. Perhaps I should make a YouTube video about how to workout when you can’t walk.

Now that I’m feeling happy with a mini-workout and motivated by some good music, it’s time for a podcast. My current favorites are the Rich Roll Podcast, the Good Life Project, and The Bulletproof Executive. One hour later, and I’ve briefly forgotten about my pain, laughed a little, and learned a thing or two about life. Yesterday I learned about a man who spent two years living completely by the Bible. The man actually stoned an adulterer (but only with little pebbles). That same man also spent one month practicing radical honesty. That’s when you say exactly what your brain is thinking. When some of his wife’s old college friends suggested they hang out, he had to tell them no. Even though you seem like nice people, I really don’t want to see you again. I don’t even get to seem my friends enough so I do anticipate us hanging out in the future. That made my morning. Podcasts really are amazing.

By this time, it’s around 9:00am and time for some meditation. My dear friend Nikki gave me some beautiful mala beads and I always look forward to holding them during my practice. When I meditate, I prefer to be sitting on the floor but due to my current condition, the couch works just fine. Sometimes I find the comfy couch causes me to doze off for a moment but I always come back to the present. That’s the point of meditation. 🙂

Meditation is always followed by some work things on the computer, a hobble around the house, and complaint or two about how damn uncomfortable crutches are. Seriously? Why can’t the arm part be just a little more comfortable?

Now it’s time for lunch and because Mario has left to go to work, this is a very tricky task for me. Getting things from the refrigerator to the counter is such an arduous task that once I get everything out, I’m more than happy to let it all sit there and spoil because it’s so difficult to put it back. But nonetheless, I gather my strength and put it back. By now, I’m tired of sitting in the kitchen and want to move to the couch. The problem with this is that my computer is at point A and I need to get it to point B. Wednesday I found a really big shoulder bag that now serves as my mode of transpiration for all objects. I pack my computer in the bag and head over to the couch. (As I’m writing this I’m wondering why I don’t use it in the kitchen as well. Duh!)

It takes me about five minutes to sit down on the couch. From sitting down to putting my leg up and finding a comfortable position, it’s not an easy task. I spend the next few hours reading, working, looking for birthday gift ideas (I’ll be 31 on Friday!!!), and texting back and forth to my mom. Other than the documentary I watched on Usain Bolt Wednesday afternoon, I never turn on the television. I’m actually pretty proud of this because it’s so easy to get sucked into a tv program.

After all of this, I need a break from the computer. So I read. Thankfully, before my injury I checked out a few books from the library. I just finished reading a few essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Alchemist, and have now started Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. I loved The Alchemist. I think I could read that book 10 more times and never get tired of it.

By now it’s time for Mario to get home so I try and clean up any mess I’ve made. In addition to having to make my breakfast, Mario now has to make my dinner. I’m on this thing where I’m eating as many healthy, superfoods as possible to speed up the recovery process. Dinner lately has consisted of a superfood salad from Whole Foods and sardines. Yes, sardines. Never before this week have I eaten those fishy little creatures and I have yet to acquire a taste for them. However, in the name of recovery, I will do what I must. Plus mustard and lemon juice make the taste a little more bearable.

While Mario cleans up the kitchen, I tell him stories about my day. Anything fun I learned from a podcast or perhaps a lesson from whatever I’m reading. Then it’s time for me to continue working on an ebook I’m writing and then before I know it, it’s time for bed. I end my day just as I started… taking 5 minutes to get into bed and praying that I don’t hear another snap in my hip.

All in all, I’d say the recovery process is going well. I’m learning a lot, reading a lot, getting in little workouts, meditating more, and learning some hard lessons. Patience, impermanence, suffering, all sorts of fun things. On top of that, I’ve learned a bit about those supplements that can help with the healing process. Tomorrow my bovine colostrumCapraFlex Pro, and Master Amino Pattern arrive in the mail. Wednesday I have an appointment with an orthopedist and Friday is my birthday. Maybe I’ll skip the sardines for dinner that night and have a turkey burger.

Oh to be able to walk again….

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

PS: An ER doctor is the one who told me I had a fracture. Personally, I think he is incorrect. I think I have torn ligaments in my hip and that’s what those snapping noises were. Although I think I would prefer a fracture because apparently they are easier to heal. Maybe hip arthroscopy surgery is in my future??

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