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On Being Proud

Currently, I working on a side project that has me researching the benefits of pride and accomplishments. Pride is one of those interesting words that represents two very different sentiments. One being an overinflated sense of personal status or accomplishments. The other being a satisfied sense of attachment towards one’s own or another’s choices and actions. One positive and one negative.

Let’s focus on the positive…

To be honest, pride isn’t an emotion that I feel too often. I’m working on that. From an organized closet, to a well written blog, or perhaps overcoming a challenge with work, pride can be a very positive emotion. It energizes, motivates, and adds value to our life experiences. It brings us closer to the present moment. Having recently read quite a bit about this, I didn’t really appreciate it until this past Saturday.

Saturday morning was the last long run before Boston. As Mother Nature would have it, it was pouring down rain and 100% humidity. On any other Saturday, i would have convinced myself to wait and run on Sunday. However, we had dinner plans with friends and I knew that would not make for a good run the next morning. Solution: put on a hat and suck it up.

The workout was 10 miles easy and 8 miles at race pace. If I could just get through it, then I knew I could finally enjoy the taper. The route I decided on included lots of hills – beginning, middle, and end. As I started out, I decided to just go. Go with an easy pace that would still get me out of the rain as soon as possible. The first 10 miles went by at an average pace of 8:03. For a moment, I thought the next 8 at 7:40 did not seem like such a great idea anymore. But I did it. I changed shirts (I was soaking wet) and decided to not think, and just run. To embrace the puddles, the rain, the hills, the chafing (it’s what running in the rain will do to you), all of it.

There was one point when I was running up a hill and all I wanted to do was walk once I got to the top. My legs hurt, I was completely drenched, and it was not fun. But I didn’t. I kept going. And the pride I felt because of that decision, made the last four miles fly by. The willingness to endure energized me to do just a little more.  8 miles: 7:39, 7:35, 7:27, 7:36, 7:31, 7:32, 7:30, and 7:20. When I finished, I said out loud Tracie, you did it. You finished. Sure, it wasn’t the most epic of workouts but the circumstances made it really crappy. I was so proud of myself for running in that weather, exceeding my goals for the last 8 miles, and doing it all with a positive attitude.

When you do great things, no matter how big or small, be proud of yourself. Let that pride motivate and inspire you. You just might surprise yourself with all that you are able to accomplish.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

PS: A local news station is coming to our building tomorrow to interview Boston runners. Well really I think it’s to interview one runner in particular. She’s the top female runner in the area who happens to be my neighbor, and who is also my running hero. Anyway, she was kind enough to invite me to the interview as well so I guess I’ll be on the news tomorrow. Kind of exciting. I’ll be sure to post a link later.

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