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I AM _____

Currently, I’m reading a book titled Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifestation. It’s a pretty interesting book and I’m beginning to think the power to change the world (or at least my world) resides within my mind. It seems I’m not the lone individual I once thought. It appears I’m connected to everything that exists  within the universe. A pretty cool thought.

Throughout the book there is a lot of discussion about the power of I AM statements. Not I AM statements in the sense of I am a runner, I am short, I am a sister. I AM statements in the sense of I am powerful, I am thankful, I am generous, or my favorite… I am amazing. The more I say these I AM statements, the more they get imprinted into the subconscious and the more these statements become reality. In light of certain life changes and the upcoming Boston marathon, I’ve been practicing a lot of I AM statements.

Last week I reached my highest mileage week ever in my running career – a grand total of 65 miles. My 22 miler on Saturday was an average 8:11 pace, and ever since then, my legs have been feeling quite heavy. Tuesday’s speed workout consisted of a warm up mile, 7×1000 meters at 10K pace, and cool down for a total of 8 miles. I begin:  Interval #1: Clearly I am running faster than 10K pace. This feels too hard. I must slow down. Oh s***, I am running 10K pace. Uh oh.  It was that unfortunate moment during a speed workout, the beginning, when you think I can’t do this. The 2000 meter repeats at the same pace last week felt so much easier. I am losing all fitness. I should stop. 

The problem with this line of thinking is I am imagining how difficult the 6 remaining intervals will be. I am thinking how bad I feel now and how much worse I will feel if I continue. I’m not being in the present. I’m not being mindful in that very uncomfortable moment. I realized this downward spiral way of thinking about halfway through the first interval and decided to switch it up. Of course I wouldn’t finish with that train of thought. Enter the I AM statements:

I am powerful.

I am strong.

I am athletic.

I am capable.

I am tough.

I am present.

It wasn’t easy, but I made it. And I was proud of myself. The mind is a crazy thing. It is way more powerful than we give it credit for. On April 21st, I will have a list of 27 I AM statements memorized for each mile of the Boston marathon. Why? Because I am awesome.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

PS: I’ll be wearing bib number 14591 in Boston in case you want to follow me. This time I’ll be sure to cross the finish line.

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