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Try Novelty

Last week, I read an article titled 8 Simple Habits to Keep you Consistently Happy Every Day. The habit that stood out to me the most, and that I need to do more of, is habit #5: learn new skills – the power of novelty and our brains. In other words, switch it up, try something different, and find flow in a new task or challenge. Habit #5 gave me something to think about.

Saturday night Mario and I went to the ballet some our very awesome neighbors. We will call them Mr. and Mrs. T. During dinner Mr. T mentioned that he tried three new classes at the gym that day: body combat, ballet burn, and body pump. Interesting, I thought. In addition to being one of the smartest people I have ever met, Mr. T also knows how to do a lot of things. Think sports, musical instruments, cooking, etc.  Add to that, he always seems happy heading out for a workout at 5:00 am and I think I’m on to something. I must add more novelty to my life.

So far this is what I’ve done since yesterday:

Monday morning during my run, I danced while stopped at intersections. Perhaps not a challenge, but it was something different and I think it made people  smile (or laugh). Plus it made me happy.

Monday evening, I tried a new workout class. (Trying to follow Mr. T’s example). It was the silliest class I have ever taken and I can say with confidence, I will not be back. But I did meet some new people.

The next one is my favorite…

This morning at the gym I decided to ask the lady cleaning the bathroom how she was doing. 10 minutes later and I had learned that she was sick yesterday, worked two jobs – one at the gym and one taking care of elderly people, did not pass a physical fitness test for another potential job, admired my running, had developed ticks due to stress, had cured her ticks through exercise, and that she had kids. She also told me I motivated her to keep working out. The only thing I did was ask how she was going and that 10 minute encounter made my day.

How will you add a little novelty to your life today? I suggest starting with this: Play this song, turn it up, dance around the house, and be totally inspired to go do something awesome.


Happy Trails and Happy Running,


PS: If you like the feature image, check out They are an incredible company.

PPS: Boston is less than one month away! Two 20 milers, one 22 miler, most mileage ever and I am so ready for race day.

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