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Because I love running THIS much…

I’ve been feeling a lot of love for running lately. It’s weird. A few days ago, I was writing something for my business that caused me to reflect on my 12 years of running and it actually brought a tear or two to my eye. (I can be a little sentimental.) I started thinking about where I started, what I’ve experienced, how far I’ve come, and how now, I am at the best “running place” I have ever been. 30 days of consecutive running, no injuries, big gains, and feeling great. Maybe I am finally achieving that consistency I have always strived for.

There are people who, when you tell them you are a runner, ask don’t your knees hurt? Isn’t running boring? Don’t you want to have a family? Isn’t that bad for your health in the long term? 

Well let me just say this…

This morning it started to snow during my run. Last week 10 deer, only 15 feet away, stared at me so I ran past them. I’ve run the streets of Las Vegas at night. I’ve run by the Rocky stairs at night. I’ve seen the sun rise. I’ve seen the sun set. I’ve coached 15 girls to run their first 5K, and I’ve puked during the Boston Marathon. I’ve been chased by a dog (not that fun) and I’ve run in torrential downpours. Once I ran a race through the woods a day after a mini monsoon. I’ve run to the Golden Gate Bridge and I’ve run to the Eiffel Tower. When I was 21, I thought it was completely safe to run the streets of Mexico City alone. Then at the age of 24, I ran the streets of Madrid alone. Two weeks after my wedding, I ran through Switzerland with a broken collarbone. This past April I saw the most beautiful sights while running through the Willamette Valley. Three weeks ago I finished a run with icicles in my hair and no feeling in thumbs. Last week I ran to the wine shop in shorts because they told me if I did, I would get a free glass of wine. I’ve had great races and I’ve had horrible races. Twice, I’ve won a race (for the females) and several times I’ve placed in the top three. (Actually, the only trophy I own is from running and I plan to always keep it.) Two of my toes, I’m fairly certain, will never have toenails again, and I chafe horribly during the summer. Some days I feel great and some days I feel like crap. Heck, some days I want to stay in bed. But if I stay in bed or choose the couch over the outdoors, how many amazing things might I miss?

So no, running isn’t boring, And yes, sometimes it hurts. But it makes me feel alive. Running makes me believe in myself as a human being, and it shows me that I am stronger than I ever thought. Yes, some days I don’t want to do it and then there are other days when I want to run forever. It’s incredible how one thing can do so much for a person.

Buddhism teaches us that all things are impermanent. Perhaps one dayI will not have running and I understand that. But until that day comes, I will take advantage of every opportunity I have to experience everything running has to offer. For me, it’s so much more than a form of exercise. It has been my one constant for the past 12 years and I am thankful for every moment of it.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



PS: Like the Monday love I’m sending to you? 😉

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