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“Fake it Until you Become It”

My dear friend Lesley forwarded along an awesome video to me this morning… Amy Cuddy’s Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It’s a talk about the mind body connection and just how powerful our bodies are in creating our reality. But perhaps  my favorite take away from the video is Cuddy’s last comment, fake it until you become it.

You see, 2014 is a year of change. I’ve quit my job to follow a dream, I’m dedicating myself to running a really fast marathon (I’m keeping my goal time to myself for now), and honestly, it’s all a little scary. There are a lot of scary things in the unknown and some days are a little more terrifying than others. But that’s okay with me. I’m experiencing life one day at a time and loving every moment.

But with regards to my running (and all of this cold weather), I found Cuddy’s quote to be quite fitting. It’s been really cold here in NC. In fact, my run Saturday morning ended with ice in my hair. Yes, I am serious. Then yesterday, I was suppose to do 5 sets of split 1000s at the track. And that was after 8 miles and a D1 Boot Camp the night before. Now split 1000s actually don’t look that hard on paper: 200, 300, and 500m w/ 100 meter recovery jog and 2 minute rest between sets. That’s only 2 1/2 laps with recovery time. Easy, right? Yeah, no. Running that fast is precisely why I don’t like 5Ks and would much rather run 26.2 miles any day. It just hurts.

As I’m preparing myself mentally in the car for the 20 degree weather, I had a lot of conversations with myself. One in particular, where I pointed out just how cold it was and just how tired my legs were from the workouts yesterday. Maybe I did need a rest day? Then there was my other conversation… Nobody ever ran a X:XX marathon skipping out on speed workouts. In fact, you are a bad ass runner who runs with ice in her hair. You are tough and you belong out on that track. Out on the track I went, leaving my iPod behind, because I knew I was going to need several more pep talks along the way. One hour  later and with no feeling in my thumbs, I was done. I did belong out there.

Now I know that I am no Kelcey Carlson or Kimberlie Meeker (my two favorite local runners), but you better believe I’m going to act like I am. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll run what I know I’m capable of running.


Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Check out the snow (and super dedicated runner) in Raleigh…


Puddles of Life

There are a few things in life that we can be fairly certain of – time moves on, loved ones are lost, and as Buddhism teaches us, nothing stays the same. It is the wise one who recognizes these things, is not afraid of them, and embraces them.

Today was a rainy day in Raleigh. As I drove to Costco in search of their three ingredient turkey burgers (very yummy by the way), I listened to the amazing Rich Roll interview the equally amazing Charlie Engle. Mr. Engle, the badass ultrarunner who ran across the Sahara, had his fair share of incredible stories to tell but one in particular stuck with me, as it seemed fitting for my current debate as to whether or not I should run outside.

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