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Why I Ran During a Flash Flood Warning

Two nights ago Mario and I were discussing the importance of experiences. We are two people who do not own a lot of things but instead, choose to spend our time and money on experiences. After all, experiences help define who we are as individuals. Not a new pair of shoes. Well maybe if they’re running shoes.. 🙂

Yesterday was the official start of my marathon training. Until now, I’ve been focusing on consistency and (knock on wood), I’ve been running 5-6 days/week since April with no injury. My first “official” workout was an easy 8 miles and despite the fact that central North Carolina had flash flooding the day before and more heavy rain was expected in the morning, I went out anyway. I just made sure to wear a hat for a little protection.

Mile 1, perfect. Overcast and dry. Mile 2, slight sprinkle. No biggie, I wasn’t going to melt. Mile 2.5 – a complete downpour with stinging rain blowing in from the side, huge puddles starting to form and only 5.5 more miles to go. Great.

My initial thought was certainly this rain can’t last. It honestly can’t rain this hard for 40+ more minutes. My second thought was maybe I’ll take shelter somewhere and call Mario to come get me. Or better yet, maybe he’ll already be out looking for me since he knew where I was going. Well by this time, I was half way done and only needed to run the 4 miles back home. For a brief moment I considered hanging out under one of the tunnels on the greenway to “dry off” for a minute. But there was no point in stopping. It would only prolong the inevitable. The rain certainly wasn’t going to let up and I needed to get home. I asked myself what’s the worst that could happen? When I decided it was getting chafed from my soaking wet shorts and not dying, I embraced it and went for it. This would be an experience.

On the way home, I am not exaggerating when I say there were rivers running down the streets and sidewalks. Because everything was so wet from the day before, the water had nowhere else to go, other than in my path. I ran through puddles ankle deep, got even more drenched by cars passing by, and laughed out loud at myself. As far as I could tell, I was the only person crazy enough to be running during this weather. My iPod stopped working with about 2 miles to go and all I could think was well, if it’s raining during the Chicago Marathon, at least I know I can handle it. 

When I got home, I decided to take the freight elevator to our floor. I really didn’t want to see anyone I knew. As I walked to our condo, my shoes went squish, squish, with every step I took. I opened the door and Mario offered me a towel. Instead, I went straight to the shower and  thought to myself, Man, that was pretty bad ass. I just ran during a flash flood warning.  A new experience for sure. 

My sister and a few of my friends questioned my sanity yesterday. I get it. We were under a flash flood warning so maybe not the ideal time for a run. But sometimes there isn’t an ideal time and we just have to suck it up and do it anyway. And besides, it’s only rain.

By the way, the worst that I imagined did happen…. no fun 😦 !

When I say I got drenched by cars, I mean like this!  Photo Source: News and Observer

When I say I got drenched by cars, I mean like this!
Photo Source: News and Observer

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Here is my run from yesterday and here is my pyramid workout from today. When I got to the track this morning, I saw my local running hero there and was super excited. It gave me a little motivation for the intervals. 🙂

PS: If at anytime I thought I was in danger, I would have most certainly cut my run short. However, I was very familiar with the area and knew there were no rivers, lakes, etc. that would be flooding the roads or sidewalks. I may be a crazy runner but I know there are limits.


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