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Lesson #2 – Perspective

Perspective… perhaps this has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. For so long, I have been running  for one run, and one run only – my run that day. It’s been extremely hard for me to realize that the ultimate goal is not to finish every workout with a faster time than the previous. The ultimate goal is on race day.

As long as I can keep my running in perspective, I will not get frustrated when I miss a day of running. I will not push my easy days because I will remember that easy runs also have a purpose. And most importantly, I will take a break, if my body needs a break. No one running injury has been as mentally and physically difficult as the one I had in February. I trained through the pain and I raced through the pain. The next 5 weeks were absolutely miserable and I really learned the importance of listening to my body. The goal is to be a lifelong runner and a race or workout (or even a week of workouts) missed, is okay. As long as I keep perspective.

Happy Trails & Happy Running,


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