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Lesson #3 – The Power of The Mind

The third most important thing I’ve come to learn over this past year is the importance of the mind. We spend so much time training our bodies, that we often neglect perhaps our most important muscle… the mind. Just as we must be physically fit, we must also be mentally fit.

While reading Chrissie Wellington’s book, I remember a chapter where she wrote that a lot of her training took place on the couch. Sitting, Thinking. Visualizing. Mentally preparing. She actually devotes quite a few pages to expressing the importance of the athlete’s mental techniques. It matters when you’re asking so much of your body.

As my training was derailed in September and October for my race in November, I took those words of wisdom and diligently applied them to my training. If I couldn’t do the miles, at least I could mental training. I spent hours coming up with a bank of positive images, mottos, and distraction techniques to get me through the City of Oaks Marathon. Those 26.2 miles were probably the most difficult I have ever run, physically. But mentally, those miles were the easiest. My mind was in the right place and my mind carried me to a time much faster than what I had planned. It was when I crossed the finish line that I truly understood that mental training is just as important, if not more important, than physical training. The mind can truly do amazing things.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Today was suppose to be an easy run. I went out to the greenway again and my calves said they were tired of the hills. They hurt! Almost 5 miles and then 2 miles with run club (but I went with the walkers). I was so hungry when I got finished. I am really look forward to my rest day tomorrow. Stats are here.

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