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Posture and Running

One might not think how we sit in a chair has anything to do with how we run. I actually think they are very much related. Slouch in a chair all day and you might find yourself slouching during your 6 mile run. I’ve noticed that when I grade papers, my right shoulder creeps up to my ear. And I’ve also noticed that when I run, my right shoulder creeps up to my hear. One carries over to the other.

I recently read this interesting article in the NY Times: The Posture Guru of Silicon Vally. I had no idea you could you could make a living out of teaching people how to sit properly, but it totally makes sense.

Amy Schoenfield:

Ms. Gokhale (pronounced go-CLAY) is not helping aching office workers with high-tech gadgets and medical therapies. Rather, she says she is reintroducing her clients to what she calls “primal posture” — a way of holding themselves that is shared by older babies and toddlers, and that she says was common among our ancestors before slouching became a way of life. It is also a posture that Ms. Gokhale observed during research she conducted in a dozen other countries, as well as in India, where she was raised.

Posture matters when running. A good posture while running leads to better running form. And because our muscles have memory, having good posture while sitting will help our posture while running. Check out the posture guru here.

Happy Trails & Happy Running,


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