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There is an amazing juice bar right beside work and I absolutely love it. I had never been much of a veggie juice person before, mainly because I had never tried it. However, since trying the many fruit/veggie combos at Juiced Up, I can’t imagine my diet without them.

Today, Mario and I had a class with Liz, one of the owners of Juiced Up who was kind enough to sit down and answer all of our questions. Why juice? What type of juicer should we buy? How do you make juices? How do you do a juicing cleanse? It was quite informative and I am sold now more than ever on the benefits of juicing.

I’m one of those people, who once I get an idea in my head, I share it with everyone and strongly encourage you to do the same. So here you go…

In my mind, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to juice. First and foremost, it tastes absolutely delicious! It’s not the nasty V8 stuff you think about it a can. The juices are light, sweet, and super easy to drink. Second, juicing does so many great things for your body. It heals you from the inside out and gives your body exactly what it needs… lots and lots of micronutrients. Juicing also detoxifies the body, which I’m sure we could all use.

The way I think about it is the following: Your body is like a factory. Put a bunch of crap into your body, and your factory starts to break down. Your cells are weak, your organs aren’t functioning properly, and pretty soon everything on the outside starts to get affected. Low energy, bad skin, restless nights, etc. However, if you give your body all the micronutrients it needs, your factory is booming. Your cells are happy, your organs are happy, and everything on the outside is glowing. Liz, the owner of Juiced Up, is an excellent example of this. She is always beaming with positive energy and has a radiant glow about her. She does a reboot every Monday and juices twice a day.

Juicing takes times. That is a given, but your body deserves a little kindness. Sure, it’s is not the same as eating the fruits and vegetables but who says you can’t do both? Juicing just allows your body to be flooded with micronutrients, and for me, it helps me to get my veggies for the day. Since I’ve been juicing more, I’ve cut down drastically on my meat consumption. I’m loving the way I feel – even more energy, well rested, and overall, just very positive. We plan to buy a juicer next week.

Look at all this goodness! I had my first juice with aloe vera today... yummy!

Look at all this goodness! I had my first juice with aloe vera today… yummy!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Well today wasn’t the 12 miler I was hoping for. I did a slow 2 miles with a new member to our run club (super awesome lady!) and then did another 10. The workouts from this week have made my legs feel a little heavy, and I could really feel the fatigue. Tomorrow, I will only do strength training and stretching. Stats are here (warm up miles) and here.

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  1. Fiona #

    I’ve had a Breville juicer for years but it hasn’t had much use lately… it’s relatively easy to clean. When I do make a juice it’s usually a blend of carrot, apple, celery & a little bit of ginger or in summer a blend of orange, pineapple & ginger. I’ve love to hear what fruit/veg combos you like & recommend. I eat lots of veg but could do with adding in more variety.

    May 12, 2013

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