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I recently read this on Seth Godin’s blog, and it really resonated with me. For quite a while now, I think I’ve been unable to reach my running potential because I’ve been good at running. I’ve avoided the opportunities that bring possibility and in the end, it has led to failure. The time has where I realize that in order to move forward, I have to do something differently. Yes, I am a decent runner but I know I still have something to prove.

Competence vs. Possibility by Seth Godin:

As we get more experienced, we get better, more competent, more able to do our thing.

And it’s easy to fall in love with that competence, to appreciate it and protect it. The pitfall? We close ourselves off from possibility.

Possibility, innovation, art–these are endeavors that not only bring the whiff of failure, they also require us to do something we’re not proven to be good at. After all, if we were so good at it that the outcome was assured, there’d be no sense of possibility.

We often stop surprising ourselves (and the market) not because we’re no good anymore, but because we are good. So good that we avoid opportunities that bring possibility.

Happy Trails & Happy Running,


Running Update: Today I realized just how incredibly tired I am. I have been going on 5-6 hours of sleep for over a week now and it’s finally catching up with me. In addition to that, it’s Mario’s birthday and I really didn’t have much time to run. Coming home from work today, I decided not to run and take a nap instead. But then the sun came out and I got a short burst of energy. 3 miles later and a 6:52 mile, I was feeling much happier. I’d stil like to be in bed my 9:00 tonight. Stats are here.


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