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Running & Head Position

One of the reasons I like running at the American Tobacco Trail  is I don’t have to watch out for potholes, uneven sidewalks, or speeding cars. I’m not worried about tripping or falling on my face which allows me to focus on looking ahead. While I was running this morning, I noticed how much more efficient I felt when I was looking straight ahead as opposed to down at the ground. Everything just seemed to flow more smoothly. It got me thinking about head position. How much is looking down at the ground affecting my running form? Does it even affect it at all?

The head position is a crucial point in making the muscular system of the whole body engaged in a specific way, which could be more or less efficient and balanced depending on the head position orientation. Therefore, as a consequence, the movement of the body could be more or less balanced and efficient, as well.

Balance. The head position can affect balance.

And then I found this quirky video demonstrating the importance of proper head alignment while running:


I love the accents… Here’s to looking ahead 😉

Happy Trails & Happy Running,


Running Update: Amazing run this morning. 10 speedy miles to start out my day. I’m really happy with how I’m feeling and the speed I still have, even though I haven’t done any real workouts. The 6:53 mile made me happy. Stats are here. And now it’s off to the birthday festivities… Celebrating 30 years with friends and family. 🙂


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