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Hard Work and Pleasure

I haven’t mentioned this yet because I don’t want to stress myself out… Exactly one month after Chicago I’m running the Las Vegas Marathon. (I know, not the smartest idea.) I’m running the Las Vegas Marathon to help raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Foundation. Our awesome neighbor, who lives two floors above us, leads a team every year and this time Mario and I decided to participate. I have no doubt this will be a fun and exciting experience.

Today both Mario and I received a training book, The Marathon Method by Tom Hollad. I briefly flipped through the pages and saw a few new strength training exercises to try. Then I also sat down to read the introduction. This was my favorite part:

Sigmund Freud postulated that we avoid pain and seek out pleasure. I contend that true happiness and fulfillment come from seeking pleasure through pain. Not injury – causing pain, but pain in the sense that your will is put to the test. You undertake something extremely difficult, entirely of your own choosing. You invest large amounts of physical and emotional energy based on faith and the belief that you can achieve something that is far from guaranteed. And the more you invest, the  more obtainable your goals and the more incredible the pleasure that waits for you on the other side of the finish line. 

This is why hard work is gratifying. The pleasure is so much more.

Happy Trails & Happy Running,


Running Update: I definitely did a run more along the lines of a workout than an easy run today. I drove out to the greenway so I could avoid the sidewalks and traffic to do an easy six miles. The only problem with the greenway is it is uphill both ways. I’m not sure how this happens, but it is HILLY no matter which direction you are coming from. I really got into the groove and had some Eminem to cheer me along. Plus the not running on sidewalks or having to stop for cars was awesome. I went faster than I probably should have but I was so proud of the pace I was able to maintain up the hills.There is some serious benefit to training on those hills and this might be my new favorite route. States are here.

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  1. It’s no coincidence that the hardest thing I’ve ever done (marathon running) is also one of the most rewarding thing I’ve done as well!

    April 23, 2013
    • Agreed! All the pain is so worth every bit of awesomeness afterwards!

      April 24, 2013

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