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Dick Beardsley: Part I

This morning I saw on Twitter that Dick Beardsley would be in Raleigh tonight, giving a talk at a local running store. OMG!?!? Dick Beardsley in Raleigh? I would be there, no matter what.

I just got home not too long ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about everything Dick Beardsley had to say. I cried, I laughed, and I left more motivated and inspired than ever before. If for one second, I ever thought I had real problems in my life, that completely changed tonight. I do not have time right now to write everything I want to say about Dick’s talk. I will save that for tomorrow. But for those who do not know who Dick Beardsley is, I want to share with you perhaps the race he is most famous for – the 1982 Boston Marathon:




1.2 seconds is what separated Beardsley and Salazar. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone who was fairly novice to the sport. Not to mention it was an 80 degree day in Boston, the race started at 12:00 pm, and as Beardsley shared with us tonight, he spent the entire morning drinking lots and lots of water. Apparently hyponatremia wasn’t yet a condition runners knew they could have.

I look forward to writing my post tomorrow. There are so many amazing things to say.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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