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In an effort to keep my fitness levels up as I slowly return back to running, I’ve been doing a few workouts from the Nike Training Club. Last Sunday at 4:15 am (I had to workout before Mario’s race), I attempted Cardio Killer for the first time. The workout is 15 minutes of jumping, core strength, and upper body strength. It’s a constant workout with only 3-30 second recovery periods. I’m pretty sure I hit the pause button a few times.

This morning I persuaded Mario to join me in Cardio Killer. It was during that second recovery period when I wanted to hit pause for the first time just so I could have another minute of rest. I said out loud to myself, you can hurt now or be sorry later. I kept going and never hit pause once. I was proud and it was a definite improvement from a week ago.

Cardio Killer Workout

Cardio Killer Workout

My point is progression happens. It may be hard to keep that in mind during a workout, but you’ll realize it a week, a month, or even a year from now. Two months ago, my toe stand was horrible. Now, I am so impressed with how much better my right side is than before. The body learns and the body adapts. You just have to keep teaching it.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Recovery Update: I could have run this weekend, but I decided not to. My hip doesn’t really hurt, it’s only a little sore. Perhaps if it had not been pouring down rain and cold this morning, I would have headed out for a few easy miles. However, I did several hip flexor strengthening exercises, abs, and my Cardio Killer workout. I also started my morning with yoga.

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