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Lessons from Dr. Seuss

My dear friend of over 24  years, Lesley, once said to me that kids should read more Dr. Seuss instead of fairy tales. I couldn’t agree more. I have yet to meet anyone who had a prince sweep them off their feet and carry them away to castle. Instead, life is a little more like green eggs and ham with a little Whoville. 

Dr. Seuss:

You’re on your own

And you know what you know.

And you’re the one

Who’ll decide where you go. 

I’m wiser than a year ago and I know where I’m headed. I have a goal in my mind and I’ve decided to make it happen.

My vision board to remind me of my goals, #beamazing

My vision board (thanks to Bettyvision) to remind me of my goals, #beamazing

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Recovery Update: My jogging around the house is significantly less painful. However, I’m not ready to push it just yet. The Chicago marathon is still far away and I’m keeping my focus on yoga and strength. On another note, I highly recommend downloading the Nike Training Club app. They have some awesome workouts.

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  1. I love Dr. Seuss! Will definitely check the app. Thanks for sharing!

    March 20, 2013
    • Yes, Dr. Seuss is the man! And let me know what workouts you like from that app. I like the Get Focused workouts because they are short and can be done first thing in the morning. Check out Cardio Killer 🙂

      March 21, 2013
      • Definitely will. I have to check that. There’s actually a new app called Sworkit. 🙂 Looks interesting too.

        I’m all about workout apps right now. 🙂 LOL! 🙂

        March 21, 2013

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