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A Holistic Approach to Running

I just read perhaps one of the best articles related to running I’ve read in a long time. The title is Rethinking Running Health by Phil Latter. It starts off with a few details from Amy Yoder Begley’s running log and it includes a myriad of injuries. Strained hip flexors, strained achilles tendon, broken metatarsal, strained calf, and the list goes on. And I thought my hip hurt? The article then goes on to focus on how us runners need to look at running as a whole, not just the miles we put in out on the road.

Phil Latter:

What runners need is a more holistic approach to understanding our own health and susceptibility to injury. We should acknowledge that we’re apt to get injured pursuing our passion, but also look for ways to increase our health. We should give equal credence to personality type and biomechanics, muscular imbalances and emotional distress. Most of all, runners should assert that they’re unique individuals who have to learn their own strengths and limitations. And that’s more than just finding the right pair of shoes.

I really like the last line of the above paragraph – it’s more than just the right pair of shoes.

We are all unique. We all have our own limitations, muscle strengths and weaknesses, time constraints, foot strike, and many other unique characteristics. Perhaps the most important thing a runner can do is understand their body and learn what works best for their body. This is something I’m learning more and more about every single day.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Recovery Update: Today was the day I was suppose to race my next 26.2 miles. Instead I got to be a spectator for Mario and some other friends as they did the half marathon. It was different being a spectator but I enjoyed it. I think that was my first time sitting on the sidelines and cheering on everyone else.

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