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This afternoon I was driving home from the gym and I had this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. In my mind, I have had more running struggles than I feel like one person should. However, I am thankful for every single one of them…

Today I received my confirmation email for the Chicago Marathon. I have no idea why, but I randomly entered the lottery last week. Either I saw it on someone’s Twitter feed, Facebook or somewhere else. I’m not sure but I’m certainly glad I signed up. October 13th will be my next marathon.

I am thankful for my struggles because I feel like I am finally going to have my race. I am thankful for my struggles because they have taught me more than anyone else’s words could have ever shown me. I am thankful for the feeling of sadness when I couldn’t run because it makes the moments when I am running, incredibly more rewarding. The ups and the downs are what it means to truly be living life. If everything seemed mediocre all the time, that would be beyond boring. As Mario’s dad used to tell him… life is like the sine wave. It goes up and it goes down. I’m headed up.

I know that my constant failures will eventually get me to my success, and I wholeheartedly believe that my best race is yet to come. I have seven months from tomorrow until race day. I will make this happen.

This Michael Jordan Nike commercial is my motto:

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Recovery Update: I’m still not running but I’m dedicating a lot more time to strengthening my hip flexors and leg muscles. Today I did the hip flexor exercises I wrote about yesterday. The difference I could tell in my left side was amazing! Normally, I feel like I never engage my left side. Now I feel like I can’t stop engaging it. I’m dedicating the next three months to strength training and massive aerobic base building.

And can I just share a few of my favorite Ray Lewis quotes that I’ve been using for motivation lately:

I ain’t found no man that’ll out work me. You might out run me on the 40 but you ain’t gonna out work me for 60 minutes. 

It ain’t because I got something special. The only thing I got special is I made up my mind to be special. 


You can hear more here.

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