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Renota Canova – Ryan Hall’s New Running Coach

Yesterday I watched this video of Ryan Hall discussing his new running coach – Renota Canova. I had never heard of Canova so I did a little research on him tonight. It turns out he’s coached quite a few very successful marathoners and has a very specific approach to training.

Canova has coached Moses Mosep, a 2:03:06 marathoner, Floerence Kiplagat, and a long list of other runners. You can check them out here. His approach to training is very detailed and you can read a great explanation of it here. But for a quick summary, here are a few of the details:

  • All out hill workouts
  • Circuits (jumps, high knees, back kicks, etc.) between moderately paced intervals
  • Shorter intervals
  • Fast long runs (long runs should be done at roughly 95% of marathon pace)
  • marathon pace intervals with moderate rest
  • High volume intervals (ex: 10x1600m @ 15k pace)

In other words extensive hill work, circuits, increasing the intensity of amount of hard running, with great differences in intensity between hard sessions and recovery days.

Sometimes I wish I had enough time and money to travel to Kenya and learn from the best. I wish Ryan Hall all the best with his new coach. His best race performance is yet to come, kind of like mine. 😉

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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