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Recording Miles and Running Shoes

The benefit of using my Garmin for practically every run is all of my runs are uploaded to Garmin Connect. Therefore, I am able to go back and analyze when things start to go wrong. I always include details about how I’m feeling and it’s very easy to see the progression of I feel great, my running is going amazing, to hip is a little stiff, hip hurts, OMG I can’t run. I can go so far as to pick out the exact date my running took a turn for the worse.

When I started training this season, I was running in my older Newton Gravity shoes. They had quite a few miles already on them and the lug in the front was pretty worn down. January 8, 2013 came and I got my new pair of running shoes in the mail. From there on out, the details of my runs include the words sluggish, a little off, hip hurts, leg hurts, etc. I wonder what went wrong?

I’ve written about this before, about how I am a good minimalist runner. Minimalist shoes have never given me any problems and transitioning to them was literally a matter of changing my shoes and never looking back. Well except to the Newtons once in a while when I felt like hurting myself. I chatted briefly with my coach and my massage therapist today and they both questioned my choice of shoes. Perhaps the Newtons are exacerbating the fact I have stiff ankles and are encouraging me to use my glutes over my lower abs and hip flexors. Maybe its time to really reevaluate my shoe choice. Running shoes don’t make us injury free. Good running form makes us at the very least, less injury prone. Why do I think a pair of shoes will make me a miracle runner?

I really like this quote from an article on PoseTech:

Now back to the shoes. Stay away from any shoes that make you run a certain way, whether they encourage or promote forefoot landing or heel strike, if they lock you into a certain way of moving or what’s worse, not moving – you’re in trouble. Your body, a divine creation, is perfected in such a way that it “responds on it’s own” to changes in terrain and environment: all you have to do is be ready to “follow”. If you’re locked in a particular way of movement, then you can’t adequately respond. Compare this to riding on a bike with fixed gears. It won’t work anywhere, but on a racing track.

I think pretty soon I’ll go see Raleigh’s future Olympian, Bobby Mack at the local running store for some serious shoe education. Although I really like the New Balance Minimus, I want a shoe with just a little more for all of the mileage I plan to be doing again very soon. The Brooks Pure Connect I bought over the summer have this annoying thing in the arch that really bothers my right foot. Another pair of shoes for the collection. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I could run a used running shoe business out of my closet. 🙂

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


December Running Totals - many happy miles

December Running Totals – many happy miles

January totals - things start to go downhill

January totals – things start to go downhill

Recovery Update: I went to the gym today for some intense intervals on the elliptical and it made me so happy. And even better, it gave me a ton of energy. Ahhh, I’m starting to feel like my normal self again. My hip still hurts but it continues to get better. Today, I spent the entire day thinking about pulling my pelvis in, flexing my ankles, and relaxing my shoulders back. I  must say, it’s quite tough to think about those things while trying to teach a bunch of teenagers.

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