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Half Marathon Recap

This past weekend was a great time with great friends and family. There were a few new PRs, a lot of good food, and I was able to chat with my local running hero. If my hip were not a factor, I’d say it was a perfect weekend. However, I’m walking on crutches and hurt A LOT. But on the plus side, I know if I had been healthy, I could have nailed a sub 1:30.

Saturday morning started out as a typical race morning. I had four alarm clocks go off at 4:00 am, started the coffee pot, and took a hot shower to loosen up my hip. The race started at 6:30 and I wanted to leave the house by 5:00. Granted, we were only 10 minutes away but in my mind, traffic is going to be horrible and we are going to have to park a mile away. We ended  up leaving around 5:15 and were parked by 5:30 (only 2 minutes from the start line). I did a lot of warming up. Strides, jogging, stretches – anything I could to help my hip. I knew my hip was sore but I was certain after a few miles, it would be okay. Wrong.

When the race started, I felt fine. Not perfect but I was okay. I held back at first, just to give myself time to warm up. Then I started to pick up the pace. The first few miles were around 6:50/mile. Aerobically, I felt okay but because I had missed so many runs training at that pace, I didn’t know if I would be able to sustain that pace. I kept looking at my watch and getting frustrated. I was frustrated because I wasn’t hitting the pace I had in mind a month ago, 6:45/mile. I was frustrated because my hip started to bother me. I was frustrated because people were passing me and I couldn’t keep up.

The first six miles went by pretty quickly. I hit the six mile mark right at 42 minutes. Then the race started to take a lot of turns through a shopping area. The turns really slowed me down and made my hip hurt even more. Around mile 8, I gave up on the 1:30 time and realized no running miracle was coming my way. I told myself, just run your race and don’t overdo it. I turned up my music and tried to get away from the other people. Running in a group stresses me out for some reason. I need my own space. 

At mile 10, I stopped to stretch. Maybe if I could just have a second to stretch, I would be a little better. Yea, that didn’t happen. Maybe my 2nd Surge with 100mg of caffeine would get me to the finish line a little faster. That didn’t happen either. I’m pretty sure the 2nd Surge is what caused my intense side stich at mile 12. I wanted to walk. Then I heard people screaming. The finish line was so close. I knew my family would be at the finish line and I didn’t want them to see me walking. My cousin already saw me not finish Boston when he toughed it out and finished the race, despite the heat. I did not want to give in to the pain again. I crossed the finish line in 1:33:38. Yes, I was happy with a PR but it was not my race. I was not super excited like maybe I should I have been. I hurt and I was cold. Perhaps the highlight of yesterday was talking to Kelcey Carslon, who has been my running inspiration for years. Other than that, I’m not sure the pain I am suffering today was worth the PR.

My proactive plan of getting back to a healthy hip includes anti-inflammatory foods, icing, Advil, crutches (yes, it’s that bad), and rest. I don’t want to hurt anymore and now that the race has come and gone, I just want to get back to being healthy. I’ll get this running thing figured out one day.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


With Emily and Hamburger Joe's after the race.

With Emily and Hamburger Joe’s after the race.

At the race, one hour early thanks to me :)

At the race, one hour early thanks to me 🙂

Race stats are here.

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  1. Great race tracie!!! You and Mario did amazing!!!

    February 18, 2013
    • Thank you thank you! It was painful for sure but the PR was nice. 🙂

      February 19, 2013
  2. MikeW #

    Good run Tracie! Atta way.

    February 18, 2013

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