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My Running Goal

My goal can best be describe as the following:


I will not be sad my training has been derailed. I will keep in mind that my local running hero ran her marathon PR at the age of 36. I am only 29. I will take this in stride and be thankful for my awesome base building. I am a lifelong runner and 1 off week of training will not ruin me. I will be better because of this. 🙂

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Yea, I don’t have much to say other than my husband is always there to help me through my meltdowns.

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  1. You will be better because of this and you should give yourself a pat on the back or a hug that you’re listening to your body. A few days off of running, even a week, will not impact your fitness at all, and it may very well help because you’re allowing yourself more recovery and rest.

    Keep your spirits up Tracie!

    February 2, 2013
    • Was just reading another blog about a runner who’s training for an ultramarathon, (Red Wine Runner); she does ice baths after long runs to help aid in recovery. It’s also recommended to do them after any run that basically makes your legs feel tired (so sprints too), and many athletes in many sports do them. I had friends who played softball for American colleges and universities and they would take ‘hot and cold’ baths, same with some friends that played football with their university. I’ve done one once, after an intense week of running, and it totally helped. Perhaps something to consider?

      February 2, 2013
      • I would LOVE to do ice baths but we only have two stand up showers so I’m not sure how that would work. I’ve thought about going to buy a big 10 gallon bucket and filling it up after my runs. Or going between hot/cold water in the shower. I know it would be super beneficial but it doesn’t seem very fun at all. But I guess in the name of injury free running, it would be worth it. Thanks for the suggestion!:)

        February 2, 2013
    • Thanks Danielle 😉 After taking a day to wallow in my sorrows, I’m feeling better today. It’s so weird not waking up so early on a Saturday morning to go for a run. But it has given me a lot of time to catch up on things around the house! I’ll be okay. I always am. Happy Saturday!

      February 2, 2013

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