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Last weekend I was walking into Target and this lady, who was probably over 70, said to me (and I quote), “Damn lady, you’re so skinny. How do you keep your weight down?” Umm, I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that. Eat right and exercise? I simply said I run a lot, smiled, and kept walking. That same afternoon I was reading articles on my Flipboard when it dawned on me how many articles there were about the top 10 this or 5 quickest ways to do that. Why is it all about quick fixes?

Lose Fat


There is no shortcut to being healthy. There are not diet tricks, no five step workouts, or 3 simple foods to eat that will all of a sudden change your life. You work for that and you work hard for that. Work Hard: How to Have the Healthy Body You Always Wanted by Exercising, Eating Clean, and Treating your Body Right does not sound nearly as fun as the 8 Minute Workout. 

In retrospect I would respond to the lady at Target, Well I eat fruits, veggies, unprocessed foods, drink water, run, and have the occasional shot of wheatgrass. Healthy isn’t that difficult.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Belly Fat

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Today was 17 miles. I did it. The pace felt fine but my left leg started aching. I’m nervous and want to do all that I can to avoid injury. I went to my sports massage therapist this afternoon and he said my left leg definitely having some issues. Tomorrow it’s lots of self therapy. Stats are here from today’s run.

On a side note, I gave Mario a good scare today. When I went to get my massage, I parked in front of a driveway (totally did not see it). When I got in my car to leave, I had a voicemail from the Raleigh Police saying if I didn’t move, they were going to tow my car. Luckily, I moved in time. However, when I drive up to my building, there is a police car parked out front. Uh oh. When I get off the elevator and open the door, the police officer is inside talking to Mario. Opps! But what an incredibly nice police officer to try and help me avoid from getting towed! Happy Saturday!

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