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The Clymb

Thanks to  Becca, I have been introduced to a pretty cool website – The Clymb. The Clymb offers discounts on all sorts of fitness/adventure related products – compression tights, running shoes, nutrition (Honey Stingers!), sunglasses, mountain climbing gear, cycling jerseys, and a lot of other things. Last week that had Inov8 shoes on sale for $50-$70, which is more than 50% off. Definitely a cool website to check out and if you’re interested, you can sign up here (it’s totally free).

Thanks Becca for the info!




Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Today was a tempo run at 7:20 pace. It was also a cold, wet, and really windy day. This week I’ve been in one of those moods where running isn’t as much fun as it has been the past few months. But I do it anyway knowing that next week is a low mileage week and that I’m going to see my sports massage therapist on  Saturday. Hooray! I was scheduled to do 6 miles but only did 5.5 (on a treadmill!). I traded in the last .5 miles for mountain climbers, abs, and pushups.

And this is how I get motivated for a tempo run on the dreadmill…

Eminem and black coffee make me run, even if I don't want to ;)

Eminem and black coffee make me run, even if I don’t want to 😉

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