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Increasing ATP

Friday I briefly wrote about ATP and the different energy pathways in the body. In trying to speed up the process to being a faster marathoner, I concluded if I can increase ATP in my body, then my oxygen energy pathway will have more to use which in turn may improve my abilities as a marathoner. So how can I increase ATP?

Turns out there are no known ways to definitively increase the amount of ATP the body produces, but there are supplements that may help boost levels of ATP.  They are creatine, a 30 to 200 mv daily supplement of coenzyme Q10, and a B vitamin complex.  CoQ10 is involved in the body’s production of ATP and can help increase energy levels. Certain B vitamins are also necessary for the production of ATP. You can read more about increasing ATP production here.

I’m horrible at remembering to take any sort of vitamins or supplements. Vitamins can sit on my kitchen counter for 6 months before it dawns on me to take one. However, I’m always interested in trying new things and being that it’s a new year, maybe a goal for 2013 will be to take my B vitamin complex. 🙂 Does anyone have a suggestion for the best brand of these supplements? I prefer all natural – no red #40 or any other crap that gets put in a lot of vitamins.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: I was suppose to run 6 miles but ended up going 7. I should plan my route better. I did have to make an effort to slow down because I want to be ready for my workout tomorrow – mile repeats at half marathon pace. Overall, I felt great and stats are here.

Photo Credit: UIC

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  1. jenny #

    Just wondering. Which shoes are you using with all the extra running you’ve been doing?

    January 8, 2013
    • The Newtons! I sent you a pic a few days ago… did you get it?

      January 13, 2013

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