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Fitness Devices

I have to admit it, I’m a gadget person when it comes to running. Since I started this training cycle and all of my runs but one have been outside, I’m always analyzing my Garmin stats. Seeing my progress, weekly mileage, and speed is always more motivation to keep going.

Tech Crunch recently published an article about the best health and fitness apps for the new year. There was a lot of information, but the part I found to be most interesting was about the fitness devices. Up until recently, I really haven’t paid that much attention to fitness devices. Yes, we have a FitBit scale but I try to stay away from that thing as much as possible. (I use to be obsessed with the numbers on the scale so I think it’s healthier for me to stay away.) However, there is an entirely new world of fitness devices that track practically everything about your body. Your resting heart rate, your exercise intensity, your sleep patterns, calories burned each day (although the accuracy of that is always debatable), steps taken, etc. Then all of the data is uploaded to the website and you can get this in depth view of what exactly your body is doing during the day. I find this to incredibly interesting. How cool would it be to understand what your body is doing while you sleep or to see how and when your body changes?

Out of the ones that I read about, I’m the most interested in the Basis. Yes, more expensive than the rest but it tracks just about everything. Here is just a little bit of information from their website:


It starts with key metrics right at your wrist. Your Basis band lets you check progress on your activity goals, calories burned and steps taken anytime.

Your dashboard provides personalized insights into your healthy habits. Use Basis to automatically track your activity levels (duration, steps taken, calories burned), sleep stats (duration, times awoken and sleep quality) and even Resting Heart Rate! Dive deeper and explore even the smallest changes in physiological data such as your heart rate, activity and sleep patterns over the day or week.

And, unlike other devices on the market, Basis does all this for you automatically so you don’t have to fuss around with sleep or exercise “modes” and buttons. It just works.

You can read more about the apps and gadgets here and if you want to check out more about Basis, click here.

My Garmin is great for tracking my running. But I really want to know what else is going on inside my body. Currently Basis has stopped accepting orders to focus on the early demand but maybe by the time my birthday comes around, I can put in my request.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: I emailed my coach today and told him if running were a class and he was my teacher, I’d get an F for following directions. Since we did a track workout yesterday my scheduled workout today got changed a little. Originally I was suppose to warm up one mile,, three miles at marathon pace (7:20/mile), and cool down one mile. We shortened it to two miles at marathon pace. My pace ended up being 7:05 instead of 7:20. Then my easy miles were 7:30, which may have been too fast. And I also ran 6 miles instead of 5. I’m struggling because I’m going off feeling (7:05/mile felt easy) and I’m concerned it may be setting me up for a disaster in the long run. I think after my 15 miler on Saturday, I’ll be better able to tell. I have 6 miles of intervals in the middle. Fun! 😉 Stats from today are here.

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