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Starting January 1, 2013 I am going to be doing a meditation challenge with Oliver from Run to Inspire. I think we both need this mentally and I am even more excited about the challenge after watching this video on happiness.


According to Matt Killingsworth, those people who are the happiest are those people who live in the present and live in the moment. They aren’t thinking about the past, the future, or something that may or may not happen. The people who are focused on the experience at that very moment are those people who are the happiest . Something to think about…

The very essence of meditation is learning to be present and not to let the mind wander. Therefore, I wonder if this challenge will bring me to a new level of happiness? I consider myself to be a happy person most of the time but I’m all about experiencing more. :). And to relate this to running, my most successful runs and races have been when I was able to stay present. Not thinking about the miles to come or the hills ahead, but instead just taking in everything I was experiencing, one step at a time.

I think this meditation challenge is going to be even cooler than I thought. Check out this article for more about meditation and happiness.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: I got in 50.18 miles this week! Today was suppose to be a rest day but I really wanted to hit that 50 mile mark. I ran 4.5 miles this morning (3 miles to the gym and 1.5 miles back home). I did weights, abs, and a few yoga poses at the gym. My hips definitely needed a few pigeon poses. I’m feeling great and looking forward to tomorrow’s run. Stats from today are here and here.

My workouts from this past week.

My workouts from this past week.

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  1. SO excited to do this with you too!!

    December 31, 2012
  2. Look at those stats! Wow!

    Speaking of staying present, you may enjoy Eckhardt Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now.” Very much about living in the present moment.

    December 31, 2012
    • Love it! Adding it to my reading list now. And in in the spirit of the new year and new goals, I should have it read before February 😉 Happy New Year!!!

      January 1, 2013

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