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Many years ago, I read It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong. That was the first time I ever heard about muesli. While in Switzerland, Mario and I went to a yummy breakfast place that served muesli and that was the first time I actually ate it. Recently, I’ve been buying it from Trader Joe’s and since we were out of the normal pre-run food this morning, I had a bowl for breakfast. I mean if Lance Armstrong recommended it as his breakfast before a long training ride, I thought it would be suitable for a 12 mile run.

So what is muesli and why should you eat it?

Andy Josiah:

Muesli is regarded as a healthy breakfast cereal. It is available in packaged dry form or a freshly made mixture. Usually made up of oats, flakes, dried fruit and nuts, muesli offers several health benefits. Its ability to make you feel full and the nutrition it offers makes it an ideal morning meal.

It’s benefits include being a good source dietary fiber and energy, as well as helping to prevent cancer, heart disease, and promote weight loss.

According to the USDA Nutrient Database, a cup of muesli offers 1,210 kilojoules, which is a measurement used for food energy. This high food energy level makes it ideal for breakfast, when you may wish to wipe away the last vestiges of drowsiness after waking up. A benefit of such alertness is that you may be better prepared for exercise. 

And here is a quote from Lance telling Oprah about his favorite breakfast:

Oprah: What’s a great diet for you?

Lance: It has nothing to do with America’s low-carb craze. I’m a heavy pasta eater. You can’t ride six hours a day and not eat carbs. Before a training ride, I’ll have a big bowl of muesli with soy milk, maybe some toast.

Have a great Saturday evening everyone!

Happy Trails and Happy  Running,


Running Update: Mario and I went out for a 12 miler this morning along a nice flat trail. The change of scenery was soooo nice. Tomorrow is suppose to be my rest day but I think I’ll still do some general strength training. Strong runners = fast runners. 😉 Stats from today are here. And that pic is from when I ate muesli earlier this week while at work.

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  1. My husband is a muesli fanatic, and living in Europe, we get quite a variety of delicious mueslis at the grocery store. We both put a scoop of it into our morning smoothies.

    December 9, 2012

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