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Dancer Pose – My Favorite Yoga Pose

I do not take yoga classes that often but back when I did take a class once a week, my favorite pose was always dancer pose. I always found this to be such a beautiful pose. My version of dancer pose was never anywhere close to the lifelong yogi’s version, but I wasn’t too shabby at it. After my easy run today, I hit the gym for some general strength training and yoga of course. Dancer pose always helps me to feel balanced, focused, and stretched. 

Yoga Learning Center:

Dancer pose develops concentration and balance. It tones and lengthens the leg and hip muscles. It will stimulate a full range of motion in the shoulders. The chest expands fully. The benefits include: 

  • Releases tension in the angle and foot, helping to prevent injury
  • Develops a sense of balance and focus
  • Opens the chest and lungs, creating more space for the breath
  • Strengthens spine and entire leg
  • Stretches thighs, shoulders

My other favorite pose is double pigeon but it doesn’t look nearly as cool. 🙂

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend of running, health, and fun family times!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Per my coach’s request, my 4 miles today were to be very easy. I went with that advice and still ran an average 8:19 pace. I am definitely looking forward to a change of scenery tomorrow. The sidewalks of Raleigh are really starting to bore me. Stats are here. 12 miles tomorrow and that’ll make a 48 mile week.

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