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Chrissie Wellington

Today Chrissie Wellington announced that she is retiring from the Ironman distance as a professional athlete. Her announcement can be read here on her website.  I think I first learned who Chrissie Wellington was back in 2009 and it wasn’t because of her stellar performances (although I learned about those a little later). It was her radiant smile that got my attention. How could someone be so dang happy after almost 9 hours of strenuous physical activity? Her smile captivated me and it was contagious.

Chrissie Wellington has done what no other triathlete has ever done and I’m certain her records will stand for many years to come. After turning pro and then winning her first Ironman race less than a year later, here are some Chrissie Wellington facts:

  • a world record time of 8:18:03 set in 2011
  • 4 time Ironman World Championship winner
  • a world record time for the marathon leg of the IM distance – 2:44:35
  • holds the four fastest times ever recorded by a woman for the IM distance
  • holds the course record for the Ironman World Championship
  • in 2010, she fractured her radius, two metacarpals, and two fingers in her right hand while on a training ride
  • she set the third fastest women’s time for the IM distance riding on a flat tire for the last two miles of the bike leg
  • she won the 2011 IM World Championships race with a torn pectoral muscle and was in the hospital the Tuesday before the race

Two words  – mental toughness.

Just look at this lady… Have you ever seen a happier person after 140.6 miles? Even her Twitter name is @Chrissiesmiles

One happy triathlete

One happy triathlete

Chrissie, I will miss seeing you race but I know you are on to new adventures. Thank you for your lessons on mental toughness and best of luck with your humanitarian efforts. You are amazing.


Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: A good 7.14 miles this afternoon but I will NOT run that route again. Too much stop and go with stoplights and traffic. That really messed up my rhythm. I had a great last mile and my stats are here. Tomorrow – hill repeats!

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  1. Thanks for the positive message today. 🙂 . I love reading about people who achieve so much. it’s inspiring.

    December 3, 2012
    • Thanks! Chrissie has always been a source of inspiration for me 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

      December 4, 2012

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