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Mid Week Long Run

If there is one thing I am learning from my coach, it is that every run has its purpose. Regular runs are whatever comfortable pace I’m feeling for the day. Speed workouts are at the track and medium long runs are slower while being just a little longer. Knowing this has really helped me to adress each run differently but with the right mentality. If I thought every run would be the same effort level, I’d probably get bored pretty quickly.

Today was my mid week long run and being that we just started training, I was only scheduled to go 8 miles. Typically in my training world, Wednesdays are my easy, let’s do a few weights and call it a day, workout day. But I’m no longer in my training world – I’m following someone else’s plan. As I’m learning how to appreciate the purpose of each workout, I was mentally excited for my 8 miles today. I didn’t have to push the pace, it would be easy, and I could go with what felt right. After my very motivating track workout last night, an easy run was just what I needed. I actually ended up doing 10.3 miles – 8 at my pace and 2.3 with my Run Inspired chicas. It felt great, my pace was faster and easier than last week’s mid week long run, and I felt much more justified in indulging myself at dinner tonight to celebrate mine and Mario’s 5 year anniversary.

According to Pete Pfitzinger, there are 7 types of runs: long to medium long runs, tempo runs, marathon pace runs, VO2 max intervals, speed training, general aerobic runs, and recovery runs. The medium long run is done in the middle of the week and typically consists of 11-15 miles. According to this presentation by Pfitzinger, medium long runs can improve adaptations in your muscles which improve endurance, increase glycogen storage and fat utilization, and have physiological benefits of handling the distance.  Even my super fast blogger friend Predawn Runner incorporated some medium long runs of 12-15 miles while training for a sub 3 hour marathon. Although mid week long runs are not something I’m use to, I think I’m going to like them. They help increase weekly mileage and make 20 – 22 miles seem like it really isn’t that far. As long as I can keep this up until March, I welcome the MLR.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: I ran 8 miles this afternoon at 8:12 / mile. I was happy that my legs weren’t too tired from yesterday and the pace felt really good. Then I ran 2.35 miles with Courtney at a slower pace. Overall, I’m feeling great and am loving all this mileage. My Garmin is being annoying and will not upload my stats, but I’ll try to have them up by tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I honestly think that the mid-week medium-long run is the real difference-maker in the Pfitzinger approach, having a 2nd longish run that is 90 minutes or more really enhances your aerobic development and glycogen efficiency. I’m shifting my approach in the future, and may not go 15 miles, but will definitely still include runs of at least 12 miles mid-week.

    November 29, 2012

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