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Sid Howard

Meet Sid Howard – a 73 year old runner who recently won 2nd place the 5th Avenue Mile for  his age group in a super fast time of 6:20. Sid helps coach runners to their first marathon, visits a senior center every Wednesday to promote an active lifestyle, and still runs… really fast. He rediscovered running at the age of 39 and has since set the Master’s world record in the 800 meter on his 60th birthday, won a gold medal in the mile at the National Championships in Maryland, and set a national record in the 800 meter in the 70 and up age group. And not to mention his 40+ other national titles.

For someone who didn’t really start running until 39 (when some people say they are almost “over the hill”), I’d say that’s pretty impressive. His motivation for running? Just the simple fact that he can run. Check out his awesomeness, it’s only 3 minutes.



Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Today I did my pyramid workout: 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, 1200, 1000, and 800 with a warm up and cool down. I actually did a really good job of keeping an even pace and every interval was  below 6:40 pace. At first I was secretly hoping for a 1:30 rest between each interval, but 1:00 turned out to be just fine. Since I ran a little on the fast side yesterday and still managed a good workout today, I’d say it was a confidence booster. Stats are here. 

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