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5 Hour Energy

Have you ever seen the 5 Hour Energy commercial with a lady sitting beside thousands of reviews from doctors in support of the energy shot? Or what about the commercial telling you that if you drink the cute little pink bottle, you’ll be doing something good for yourself while supporting breast cancer? Yea, I really dislike those commercials too. Now I’m all for supporting breast cancer but I’m pretty against 5 Hour Energy (and pretty much every other energy drink for that matter). I get that they may have some vitamins and other nutrients, but every time I see a student drinking a Monster energy drink, I cringe. And we wonder why ADHD is a problem?

In case you missed it, the FDA is investigating claims that 5 Hour Energy is linked to 13 deaths and 33 hospitalizations. In addition, it is investigating claims that Monster Energy is linked to 40 illnesses and 5 deaths. Last week I showed a  news segment to my students and even they were surprised that something that could potentially be so dangerous is so readily available…

ABC News:

The popular energy shot – which comes in 2 oz. packages and packs a powerful caffeine punch, equal to two cups of coffee — led the way in this new and growing energy drink segment over the past eight years. Now government officials are investigating whether the product, made by Michigan-based Living Essentials, does much more… The recent FDA filings mark the second time in a month the administration has confirmed it is investigating claims that energy drinks are causing fatal reactions. In October, Monster energy, another popular drink that contains even more caffeine, was allegedly linked to five deaths.

Maybe one of those little 2 ounce shots isn’t so bad by itself. Or perhaps just one Red Bull every now and then. But my question is whatever happened to a good cup of coffee? It just seems more natural. That’s how I prefer to get my morning boost.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running update: Here are my stats from this morning. It was my last run before I start working with my coach. A nice, easy, cold run and a great way to start  my Saturday with some of the RI ladies.

A nice run with Emily and Maria (and yes, I love my new green arm warmers :P)

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  1. MikeW #

    So much energy, it launches you into the afterlife.

    November 17, 2012
  2. Andrea #

    I am guilty of hitting the 5-hour from time to time, but I normally only take half and there has to be a damn good reason for needing a quick jolt. I prefer it over red bulls, and I’ve never ever broken down so much as to needing a monster energy. At least 5-hours aren’t full of sugar, so I don’t feel too bad. However, I’d never shoot them one after the other. I read a reply on another blog relating to this topic who said he would use 5-hours for his longer runs. He quickly realized how dumb that was and to went to gels. (I don’t know if gels are better or not.)

    November 17, 2012
    • They say one bottle is equivalent to two cups of coffee so I can’t imagine that half of one would be that bad. But like you said, taking one right after another is a horrible idea! And that seems to be what has happened. As far as running is concerned, I would imagine that a 5 hour energy would give you a quick jolt but not the sustained energy you need to be running for hours at a time. Depending on the gel, gels can provide you with a more steady release of energy. I do know people who drink a red bull before a 5K and they are actually pretty fast runners. My opinion, however, is this can not be good for your heart so I prefer to rely on my training. 🙂 It seems to be the more natural approach. 🙂
      Happy Monday!!

      November 19, 2012

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