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During the day, I like to dedicate certain times to thinking about certain things. For example, while driving to work, I think about how I’m going to tackle my day and while driving home from work, I start mentally prepping myself for my workout. During these last few days, I’ve been gradually prepping myself for the hard work I will have to put forth these next few months if I want to achieve my goals. Today on my way home I realized just how excited I am to work towards these goals. I feel like this training season is going to be different. I really think I have a shot at making this happen and I think it’s possible because I am going to be held accountable by my coach.

According to Merriam – Webster, accountability can be defined as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.” For all my years as a runner, I’ve only had to answer to myself. I’ve never run with a group or shared my workouts with anyone. It has always been up to me. If I failed to meet a particular workout’s goal, I only had to answer to myself. And honestly, I’m pretty good at ignoring my inner voice. Now I’m accountable to Gavin, my coach, and I’m 100% sure I am going to take greater personal responsibility for my actions. I can’t cheat my mile repeats. Somebody is actually going to be watching me and timing me…

Roger Connors:

The real power of accountability comes when the focus is on taking greater personal accountability for achieving results. That personal accountability manifests itself as greater personal ownership, buy-in, investment and engagement… When you take personal accountability you own it. You tell yourself, this is mine, I’ve got the ball. You ask yourself, “What else can I do to make progress, overcome obstacles and achieve the result?”

Almost two weeks ago, a group of ladies completed a race distance that they previously thought impossible. Alone, it may not have happened but because we were all accountable to one another, we took greater ownership of our goals. Just like self control, accountability is a value that will carry us far. I’m thankful I’m going to be held accountable by someone else. I think that one simple fact will push me to an entirely new level.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


And here are some pics of our training season in review…

Our first 5K together in June


Yellow Brick Road 5 Miler in Roxboro, NC


Heading out for a run…


Planks in the hallway



Post race – City of Oaks Marathon


Celebration Dinner



Celebrating a job well done!







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