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Lolo and Meb: A Change of Pace

When I first started running marathons back in 2005, I remember thinking after my second marathon, I was going to take a break from running to do something different. I was going to get back into dancing. I took dance my entire life until I graduated high school and sometimes I miss it. Well I never ended up taking my dance classes and the only dancing I really did was Thursday night salsa dancing. Up until this past Saturday, I was having the same thoughts. I should do something different after the marathon. Well as most races do, Sunday got me excited to start running again. Monday I’m meeting with my coach and I’m more than excited. It doesn’t look like dance classes are in my future.

Today I read two things today that made me realize even the elites need a change of pace. First, did you know Lolo Jones was into bobsledding? Well she is and you can watch her first competition here. She and her teammate, Jazmine Fenlator, actually won silver in the World Cup bobsled season opener. Way to go Lolo!!

The second thing I read was the Meb Keflezighi wants to challenge Usain Bolt in a race. Talk about the best of two completely polar opposite distances. I wonder what the distance would be. I think that any distance under 200 meters would have Bolt crossing the finish line before Meb even got started. Maybe 800 meters or a mile would be a better distance. So far it seems that Usain Bolt hasn’t accepted the challenge but I think it would be a really cool race to watch. Please Usain, accept the challenge 🙂

Well today is the last day I’m going to eat like I just ran a marathon. Mario and I are off to dinner with some friends and then it’s back to running in the morning. I’m thinking I’ll do a super easy 4-5 miler. I know I should probably take a longer break but there was this moment when I was running on Sunday where I literally felt like I was in my element, dong what I was meant to be doing. I want to get back to that feeling.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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