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Weekend Long Run Motivation

I love Meb Keflezighi. Mainly for his relentless drive to always do his best and be the best. Before my speed workout on Tuesday, I watched this video. It brought a smile to my face. The best part – when Meb recounts how his running talent was discovered. His middle school PE teacher said in order to get an A, you have to run really fast. So what did Meb do? Run a 5:20 mile. He came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back and has turned into an inspirational marathon legend. Meb makes me work harder. Read more

Greens Energy Bars

Although bars aren’t my favorite thing to eat, they are sometimes all I can manage while teaching 100 students during the day. This morning I was eating a Greens Energy Bar and my students were quite curious. They all wanted to know what’s in it? Deliciousness I told them.

I picked up the Greens Energy Bar per recommendation of the cashier at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. Since then, I’m 100% sure they are the reason why our grocery bill has gone up quite a bit. They aren’t cheap but they have SO much good stuff. According to their website: Read more

Mid Week Long Run

If there is one thing I am learning from my coach, it is that every run has its purpose. Regular runs are whatever comfortable pace I’m feeling for the day. Speed workouts are at the track and medium long runs are slower while being just a little longer. Knowing this has really helped me to adress each run differently but with the right mentality. If I thought every run would be the same effort level, I’d probably get bored pretty quickly. Read more

Sid Howard

Meet Sid Howard – a 73 year old runner who recently won 2nd place the 5th Avenue Mile for  his age group in a super fast time of 6:20. Sid helps coach runners to their first marathon, visits a senior center every Wednesday to promote an active lifestyle, and still runs… really fast. He rediscovered running at the age of 39 and has since set the Master’s world record in the 800 meter on his 60th birthday, won a gold medal in the mile at the National Championships in Maryland, and set a national record in the 800 meter in the 70 and up age group. And not to mention his 40+ other national titles.

For someone who didn’t really start running until 39 (when some people say they are almost “over the hill”), I’d say that’s pretty impressive. His motivation for running? Just the simple fact that he can run. Check out his awesomeness, it’s only 3 minutes. Read more

The Power of Running (and Exercise)

When Rich Roll turned 40, he replaced bad eating habits and excessive drinking with a vegan lifestyle and endurance sports. Mishka Shubaly is a former “irreverent young drunk” turned ultra runner. And this story about Steve White, previously homeless and an alcoholic who trained to qualify for Boston, gives me chill bumps. All of these athletes and stories have a common theme – replacing bad habits with good ones, which in turn lead to some pretty amazing things. Read more

Rest Days and the Elites

My coach has me on a 6 day a week running plan. This is a little more than I am use to running but I’m happy to do it as long as I don’t get injured. I think that if I go easy when I should go easy and go hard when I should go hard, I’ll be just fine. But I’m still doing my yoga poses every morning to be on the safe side.

Yesterday after my 10 miler, I decided I was really looking forward to my rest day today. We were having brunch for my dad’s birthday so it was a perfect day to take it easy. However, as in typical Tracie fashion, before I went to bed last night I set the alarm clock for 7 am (which is the latest I ever sleep in) and planned out my strength training session. Mario’s reaction when I woke him up this morning to go to the gym: “Geez Tracie, do you ever take a rest day?”. Ummm, not if I can help it.  Read more

Sweet Potato Gratin

Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite foods and there is no better time to eat them than Thanksgiving. I want to share a recipe that I came across that I  plan to try out soon (hopefully before Christmas).  Maybe I’ll find another way to consume my favorite potato other than as fries.

The Stone Soup:

Most people associate gratins with loads of cheese. As some French friends of mine pointed out recently, traditional French potato gratin is just made with potatoes and cream.

When I first mentioned this to my Irishman, he wasn’t very keen to try it. It’s definitely one of those more unusual dishes that tastes much much better than you can imagine. The salty peanut butter does a great job of contrasting the rich sweet potato.

Click here for the recipe.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running Update: Ran 10 miles this morning and it was cold and windy. I ran along the hilly part of the marathon course and it actually wasn’t too bad. However, I didn’t feel like I found my stride until about mile 7 and I was a little light headed because I had not eaten since 6 pm the night before. Run stats are here. And how do you like the pic of my delicious breakfast?

Tuning Into Your Body

A runner is typically in one of three camps – the minimalist camp, the gadget guru camp, or the happy balanced camp. Just yesterday, I gave thanks for my many running gadgets which makes me think that I may be a member of the gadget guru camp. However, I do try and find that happy balance between nothing but a pair of shoes and gadget galore. Read more

I am Thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you all are having a day full of family, food, and running of course. This morning I was able to get in  my 5 miler before heading home to Roxboro to spend time with the family. I quickly figured out what I love about running on Thanksgiving  – no cars on the street! It was glorious and it made me appreciate running even more. I’m not sure what can be more liberating than running through the streets alone, in a normally busy city. Read more


The run club that I started back in May is about three things. First, a healthy lifestyle. Second, empowering women and third, acts of kindess. As the holidays approach, it is a reminder for me to find more ways to incorporate running with doing good in the world. After watching the documentary Run.. last Friday, I wanted to ways to give the gift of running to others. But how? The answer… shoes. I have so many old running shoes, why not donate them to someone whose life might be changed? Read more