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Minimally Processed Foods for Runner

I’m still not feeling so great. Actually I was doing better during the day then after dinner, I started feeling bad again. This is not fun! While looking into blog topics tonight, I was super happy when I got an email from my aunt with the best minimally processed foods for runners. I think this is some info all runners can benefit from. Thank you Aunt Carolyn!

I’m a big fan of minimally processed foods. The fewer ingredients the better. Minimally processed means the food is closer to its natural form, which is definitely better for our bodies. Just good, wholesome food – our bodies know what to do with that. Out of this list of best minimally processed foods for runners, I eat all of them. Not everyday, but definitely every week. Well I take that back. Since Trader Joe’s recalled their almond butter, I’ve been eating regular peanut butter. But other than that, these foods make up my menu. Click here to read the entire article and the benefits of each food. Or here is a quick summary of what to add to your grocery list: sweet potatoes, eggs, salmon, berries, almond butter, yogurt, lean beef, bananas, black beans, quinoa, and coffee.

I’m thinking I will have salmon and sweet potatoes Saturday night before the race. It’s one of my favorite meals and it leaves me feeling much lighter than a bowl of pasta. Plus, I prefer sweet potato anything over noodles. And maybe I’ll refuel after the race with sweet potato fries. That is by far my favorite post hard workout food – and it’s minimally processed 🙂

Happy Tralls and Happy Running,


And on a side note, check out some of our posters for race day:

Jenny’s awesome creativity!

The other Jenny’s awesome creativity (plus my stick figure that I am SOO proud of!)

Again, Jenny’s creativity

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  1. uberbeastmode #

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well, hope you feel better! Good stuff, this list contains a lot of the stuff I eat on a regular basis. Gotta like that! 🙂

    October 30, 2012
    • Thanks for the get well wishes! I’d actually say I feel worse today 😦 Fever, body aches,chills – I haven’t wanted to get up all day. This is no fun! And yes, gotta love clean eating!

      October 31, 2012
      • uberbeastmode #

        Ugh sorry to hear that! Being sick is NO FUN!

        October 31, 2012
  2. Hope you are starting to feel better! Are you running City of Oaks? I am doing the relay with 3 girlfriends. YAY!

    October 31, 2012
    • Yes! It should be a beautiful day and the greenway is such a pretty part of the course. Have you ever run it before?

      October 31, 2012

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