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Study: Exercise Helps Kids with ADHD

Maybe this is stating the obvious, but a recent study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics which found that students with ADHD performed better on tests after having a few minutes of exercise. The study divided 40 students into two different groups. Group 1 walked on the treadmilll for 20 minutes, and Group 2 read a book for the same amount of time. This was followed by a series of tests, and it was found that all students performed better after exercise. (Maybe this is why I’m so smart 🙂 )

As an adult who physically and mentally can not sit longer than 30 minutes, I can only say thank you for this study! There is not even close to enough emphasis put on physical education or movement in general, in our schools. As budgets get tighter, these types of programs get cut and pushed to the side. But the truth is, if we want our kids to be successful, let them get out their energy for 30 minutes a day. We can’t expect everyone to live inside their heads for 8 hours a day starting at 7:10 in the morning.

I told my assistant principal today I wanted to start a nutrition and yoga club for our school. He said let’s do it starting spring semester. I’m totally excited!

And on a future note, I’ll address the soda machines full of diet sodas another day. I think I may have run that fake sugar topic into the ground…

Happy (almost) Friday and happy one last long run until race day to me!


I couldn’t even begin to think what all is in this drink.

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